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    FS: 2009 Viper ACR w/ upgrades

    Price Lowered to $79,000 obo
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    FS: 2009 Viper ACR w/ upgrades

    Price Lowered to $82,000 obo More pics available here
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    FS: 2009 Viper ACR w/ upgrades

    Hello all, Unfortunately, life’s priorities have forced me to sell my 2009 solid Graphite ACR. I am the 2nd owner of the car, having purchased it in December of 2012. The previous owner was fellow VCA member, FastZilla. It has always been meticulously maintained, and garage kept. The car...
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    Hi Res photo gallery of the 2014 SRT Viper TA

    Not sure if this is a repost but there are some pretty nice shots!
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    Annual Mopar Meet

    Hey guys, i have a friend who works at the Mopar PDC in Dallas and he was telling me how every year they have a Mopar meet, where people bring out their cars (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, etc) and just have fun. There will be music, refreshments, and prizes. He said that I should bring out my car...
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    A Dozen Snakes!

    This past weekend was quite crowded. I was parked on the other side in front of the BBQ trailer. I need to come over next time and introduce myself in person
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    Another (sigh) new owner

    Yea you definitely dont see them too often at all! In frisco a few weeks ago i saw a white gen2 gts w/ blue stripes and was driving behind him for a bit in the ACR. looked like he had HREs but i may be wrong. Not sure if he's on this forum though.
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    Another (sigh) new owner

    Yeap, I just bought mine in December. I have a 2009 solid Graphite ACR. I'm actually in Frisco too. Not sure if you attend, but you might have seen me at Cars and Coffee. Here's a link with some pics!
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    Question on white color

    That's kinda weird they have the same paint code... I agree with AbsolutHank that the 2006 white/blue (voi edition) was an eggshell color whereas the 2009 (seen on an acr) was a bright white... Maybe the voi used a different white?
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    First Launch Edition is on the ground at Roanoke!

    Wow, that looks awesome! Definitely my favorite color scheme on any gen viper. i wonder who's the lucky owner!
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    Another (sigh) new owner

    welcome to the club! i know how you feel, i really hope the weather this weekend is nice so i can take mine out too!
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    new owner/vca member

    Thanks for all the compliments guys!
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    new owner/vca member

    Thanks guys for the compliments! TexasTorred, you're absolutely right! You really do see alot more Porsches than Vipers. neo_rambo, thanks again for the photoshoot! i really like the way the photos turned out! We will definitely set something up for driving shots :drive:
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    new owner/vca member

    Hello ViperClub! I've been a long time lurker and figured what better first post than to introduce myself. I was able to fulfill my dream of owning a viper! I actually purchased FastZilla's solid graphite ACR a few months back. I had been debating between a Porsche GT3 RS and a Viper ACR for a...

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