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    Viper Tech needed

    theres nobody in NY or NJ id trust to work on a viper other than chuck tator. sadly its been this way a very long time
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    AEM vs VEC vs Split Second

    id be more worried about whats in the engine than anything else if its built by RSI
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    Will this effect value?

    i personally would NEVER worry about the originality or value of a car i bought. i bought it to enjoy and drive, thats it. i dont put clear plastic covers on my couch to protect them either.
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    Will this effect value?

    you really need to sell that car if thats the case.
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    a couple of newbie questions

    you really need to respect a viper with that little of experience. Check the date codes on the tires, assume youre driving on ice for a while till you get used to it. NEVER hit the gas when the wheels arent pointed straight ahead. chances are youre gonna wreck it, be VERY careful !
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    Difference gen2 & gen3 camshaft

    there are much better cams avail than the OEM.
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    Anyone in Port Saint Lucie work on gen 1

    youre too close to doug levins shop in davie to not use him. nobody better.
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    Anyone Here Know David Dauglash?

    google is your friend
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    1992 only hood stamping and ask for jon. best to call him on monday mornings
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    finally got my viper!! 35 hours and 2000 miles later!!

    congrats and the search feature here is your friend
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    cant remember the name of the old dodge dealer that was in pompton lakes. owner had a white superbird sitting there for ever. wouldnt sell it to me. I tried probably 20-25 times to buy it. wonder what happened to that car
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    was an amazing ride. i dont remember the first 3 states we drove thru i was so happy lol i grew up about 5 miles north of rt23 dodge. my dad still lives there
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    Pet Friendly?

    ditch the cats and they get cooler
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    same here. bought my 98 from bill and drove it home from nebraska to NJ.
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    Extended warranty!

    id never buy a warranty that wasnt from dodge. i cant imagine anything good coming from it
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    Potential New Owner (Craigslist Listing 1998 GTS) Questions

    if thats all you can afford, id say its worth it. theres plenty wrong with the car im sure but its still $23k.... any running viper will be worth that IMO. but id save up a little more and find a better example
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    Greg Good Heads

    definitely the go to guy for heads still. greg is da man !
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    Popping sound coming from front drivers side wheel at takeoff

    id check the control arms. some have had hairline cracks. mine snapped on the highway, luckily at slow speeds. it was making that kinda noise before some good info here:
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    Paxton questions

    sold it. wasnt using it and knew id use the cash to pay for a house in SC. how you been stranger?
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    She's here! My '99, goes by the name of Vivica.

    the pedals will move when you crank them up. its a slow process, keep trying
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    thought you said girls with VIPERS ?
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    Paxton questions

    your best bet is to call Doug Levin at 954-434-9356 and ask him about all these questions. tell him i sent ya

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