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    June 18 get together @ Gateway Classics in Orlando

    Hello central Florida. I am a transfer from New Mexico. Please let me know of any upcoming events! I am located in Kissimmee now and would love to join in on some snake fun!
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    Brake lights not working

    New plug... Same issue :(
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    Brake lights not working

    I did try the continuety test on the original switch but I really am horrible with electrical and saw the ohms reader jump up... Which made me thing that my original may have still been good. I definitely think its a connection issue. I was able to get ahold of a 3rd switch and tried it not...
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    Brake lights not working

    With the test wires in place my brake lights work
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    Brake lights not working

    Well... Update, I checked the full undercarriage of the car for any loose or frayed wires. Everything checked out. Checked under the hood, all good. Went back to the brake light switch itself and disconnected the wire harness. It has 4 wires going to it. I connected a test light to the ground on...
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    Brake lights not working

    I did check the plug into the brake light switch itself and it seems ok. Unfortunately electrical is not my strongest area but I think you are right. If everything else seems right I may have to trace the wires and see if there is something frayed or broken somewhere...
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    Brake lights not working

    Hello everyone! Been awhile since I've posted. I own a 2004 SRT-10. I did a search for brake lights not working and couldn't find anything specifically for this issue. I was told about 9 months ago my brake lights weren't working by someone in traffic. I drove her home and completely forgot...
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    My new Gen III Viper video!

    Hey all, It's been a while since I've made it onto a Viper forum. Been awhile since I've been able to enjoy my Viper! Damn you winter!!! I've owned my Viper now since 2015 and still love sneaking away to the garage just to look at it. Well I decided to make a video about it so here it is. It's...
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    Instrument cluster LED upgrade video

    Hello everyone, I recently upgraded my interior lights to LED and I love them! Figured I'd share the process for anyone that hasn't done the upgrade yet! Well worth it! Thanks, Jesse K.
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    Viper vs c6 z vs Shelby GT500

    I agree Free, next mod I will have to do is my rear gears. I think 3.55s seem to be the sweet spot!
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    Viper vs c6 z vs Shelby GT500

    I'll have to ask the GT500 owner to find out =]
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    Viper vs c6 z vs Shelby GT500

    Hey there, I had some fun with a couple of friends last week. We have been trying to get together for a long time and finally did! Hope you enjoy the video, Jesse K.
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    Borla Catback exhaust install

    Hello all, I have used this forum for a lot of DIY projects and ideas over the 2 years I have had my Viper. I am a big fan of DIY and did a search for instructions on how to install a cat back on my car. I found plenty of write ups and instructions that made it easy but didn't come across a...
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    Been awhile

    Right! The sound of him passing like I was standing still was intoxicating. I think he's made upwards of 1300hp but said it's just useless on the streets. Runs around about 800-1000hp on the streets.
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    Been awhile

    Right! Always a nice road trip
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    Been awhile Let's see if this works better.
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    Been awhile

    Hey all, Been awhile since I've been on, but still loving my Viper! Had some fun with some friends over the weekend! Hope you enjoy the video :)
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    Posting sound clips

    I will be doing this after tax time so will appreciate the build thread! I will be watching!! :)
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    Odd idle issues

    My car doesn't seem to like the cold either, idles high for the first mile or so then goes back to normal. Happens between shifts and at stops, seems to idle fine after it warms up. I have an '04 as well
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    Need help on differential removal

    When I bought my viper the rear started making noise right before purchase, turned out to be a bad shaft.... The dealer couldn't remove it from the rear end with their endless supply of tools and ended up having to replace the diff for the shaft... Good luck.
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    New Viper Owner in Louisiana

    Sounds like some great mods so far and a great 1/4!
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    06 Coupe 60k miles value

    Hey Allen... I have $5 :)
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    06 Coupe 60k miles value

    For a viper that's higher mileage, obviously for any other car and year that's great. I think the mods won't offset the mileage as much as you'd hope, even though they are what most people would do. I'd say high to mid 30s. I would price it at what you suggested though, cause people always low ball.
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    Jacking Your Viper Up On A 4-Post Lift

    That makes life convenient being able to move it around. I'd go 2 post as long as you can get it under the car without using a jack. Having to lift and lift again to get the tires off is just making more work for yourself. A friend of mine has both, and I always use the 2 post... Haven't lifted...

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