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  1. LadyCruzer

    Why did the Viper Club move to XenForo

    Hi everybody ! It 's been a while since I 've been on. I haven't had any trouble with the new site so far. Looks to me like it was a good change! Merry Christmas everyone from the Central / North Florida chapter of the VCA !
  2. LadyCruzer

    Little Brothers and Little Sisters Car Show

    Hi Dave ! We missed this show last year, and certainly want to support the charity, and Craig ! We'll drive up Sat AM more thank likely.
  3. LadyCruzer

    Viper ACR: Crowdfunding for Nurburgring Record

    The Central Florida VCA board donated 300.00 towards this worthy cause on GoFundMe-- search box Viper Ring Kin. Jim and I had a nice visit with Russ Oasis last Friday at Sebring. He is indeed a dedicated Viper fanatic and seems to be a very nice man. Let' s go get our title back !
  4. LadyCruzer

    That Old Feeling

    Lisa, what a breath of fresh air to read your post! You bring SO much love and enthusiasm for the Viper that it is infectious! We are very fortunate to live in sunny Florida ( altho yesterday it was so windy it was like a mild hurricane! ) But other than the oppressive heat, love bugs twice...
  5. LadyCruzer

    Real time help needed!!

    One of our members has had very good service from: Sunset Dodge-Chrysler 7745 S Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34231 :smirk:(941) 922-2400 I don't know anyone there personally but I hope they can help you !
  6. LadyCruzer

    Congratulations Lee Saunders TA3 Class Victory at Daytona

    Wow, Lee --what a thrill to have a win at Daytona !!!!!!!! That certainly makes up for the run of bad luck you had there last November for the final race of the season. Although in the end , it was all good -- you had the TA3 championship wrapped up back then and all you had to do was start...
  7. LadyCruzer

    central florida dealerships to get service?

    I will ask some of our Orlando members and get back with you. We live in Lakeland and use a dealer in Bartow but Orlando would probably be more convenient for you. Tell me about your Viper--what year is it? How long have you had it?
  8. LadyCruzer

    12 Hours of Sebring March 17-19, 2016

    We have signed up for all 3 days -- it's always a great time! Let' s make Ben proud !
  9. LadyCruzer

    My Review on my New GTS!

    I just sent you a PM. Both Florida VCA regions are very active and we look forward to meeting you soon !
  10. LadyCruzer

    Help with my 94

    2 new members would be wonderful! Will they be at the Sarasota car show coming up? Jim and I will be there is his 02 final edition. Sounds like a great Viper turnout !
  11. LadyCruzer

    Help with my 94

    Hi Dave ! Glad to hear it was just the cap, and I hope that means we will see you on the 20th in Sarasota at the downtown car show. Jim and I are looking forward to it! Hope it isn't cold like it was last year !
  12. LadyCruzer

    New Forum Member looking for Gen II GTS

    Javi, what a gorgeous car! We will all be anxious to see more pictures when it arrives on Thursday. There is a non -VCA event the weekend of May 14,15 that gives you the opportunity to put your car on the Sebring track. I wasn't sure if you were interested in tracking it though. In case you...
  13. LadyCruzer

    1 of 1 ordering questions

    In addition to Woodhouse, John Gastman at Roanoke Motors in Il. is a world of help and has years of Viper experience. I would also highly recommend Ben Keating and Bernie Katz at Tomball Dodge in Texas. We bought out 2016 Hellcat Challenger from Ben and his team are quite an impressive bunch !
  14. LadyCruzer

    12 Hours of Sebring - VIP Experience - March 17-19, 2016

    Hey Shooter, there is a great opportunity for you to put your Viper on the Sebring track on Sat.-Sun., May 14 and 15 –PBOC Sebring – This is a non VCA event; you might want to check in to s separate track insurance policy for those days if you are able to come. My...
  15. LadyCruzer

    New Forum Member looking for Gen II GTS

    Congrats on finding a car, "Mia" ! I also thought you were a lady-- and perhaps that DID help ! So you might want to stick with it for a while ! Let me know when you get the car and be sure to post pictures! That Paul is a terrific guy--- you can be sure he did a thorough job for you !
  16. LadyCruzer

    12 Hours of Sebring - VIP Experience - March 17-19, 2016

    We have had quite a few members say that they are buying tickets. When you consider how expensive food is at the track, and you get meals, drinks, two great suites to watch the race from, pit passes, meet the Gas Monkey folks, meet the Viper Exchange folks, parade laps Friday night, a radio...
  17. LadyCruzer


    Lisa, we are SO happy to have you "on board! " Folks are going to love getting a personal phone call from you -- your Southern accent is bound to make them melt! I love your voice ! Let me know what is working well for you . I am sure I can learn a lot from you !
  18. LadyCruzer

    No Return Reply from the VCA

    Hi Dave ! Brad has sent me some ideas of things he 'd like to do in his area of the state. Since our calendar is pretty STUFFED through April, I am hoping to plan something around May ,June, or July. I'd love to see his 95 RT 10 this year but he wants us to come up with some events closer...
  19. LadyCruzer

    Oil Change Day, pizza and get together!

    This is SUCH a nice thing to do ! I wonder if I can find someone in Florida who might do something similar? Thanks for giving us an idea of something new and different to do in the Sunshine State !
  20. LadyCruzer

    Attachments Update

    Jeff ,thanks for making this change! You are terrific !
  21. LadyCruzer

    Calling Bill/Janey White!

    Hi Jon ! I sent this to them in case they hadn't seen it. I was going to PM you ,but you don't seem to be set up that way! Hope to see you at the Sebring 12 hrs next month! Cathy and Jim
  22. LadyCruzer

    New Forum Member looking for Gen II GTS

    HI there! I just sent you a PM, MiaViper. Good luck in your quest to find a Viper and let us know when you find it! In the meantime, I 'll keep my eyes and ears open for you and will contact you if I hear of something in Florida that might be a good fit for you !
  23. LadyCruzer

    New VCA Gulf States Region

    Congrats and welcome Broom ! You are a great addition to the VCA! I agree-- you get my vote for POTUS instead of Hillary !
  24. LadyCruzer

    Account settings has been reset. Why?

    I think Brad is all taken care of now. I did contact him last week and he confirmed that he is getting my emails. We have got a ton of stuff going on in Florida this next quarter! We hope to meet Brad at an event soon ! He lives in a pretty area of our state --maybe we should plan...
  25. LadyCruzer

    My 2013 at Woodhouse...

    Whoa.. that is a gorgeous car " ferraritoviper "-- love your name ! Congratulations! Do you visit Florida much ? If so, please PM me and I will add you to my seasonal email list. It would be nice to have you join us for some Viper fun !

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