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  1. Viper X

    ACR Raffle is Live

    All, There have been comments made by others on other websites that the VCA's current 2016 Viper ACR raffle is illegal, so I asked our raffle attorney for a response to put this rumor to bed once and for all. Here is his response to my question: (which is also included in another post)...
  2. Viper X

    Irresponsible Leadership

    Response from our raffle attorney: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "The raffle is legal and has been for the past 15 years when it's been conducted by your organization. Chrysler participated with in the origination...
  3. Viper X

    Irresponsible Leadership

    As Greg states above, we did find a way to do car raffles legally. It took us almost a year of working on it and we used the most experienced raffle lawyer we could find, and it was not inexpensive. It does appear, however, that the other club has not yet figured out how to do raffles legally...
  4. Viper X

    Brake Upgrade? Need serious recommendations

    You can get stock rotors from your local dealer, though you might get a better price from Jon B at Parts Rack. Stock rotors work "OK" for their price. Not sure where you live, but shipping OE rotors very far (heavy) can get spendy, so you may end up back at your local dealer. Tried the Mintex...
  5. Viper X

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!! VIPER ACR Slithers into CAAP Viper Plant.

    We probably ought to ask somebody who has seen one.
  6. Viper X

    slave cylinder replacement questions

    I would not wait that long to replace the "hockey pucks" you have for tires. They are much worse in cooler weather, downright dangerous in cold weather. While you are at it, your diff fluid and trans fluid should be replaced too.....
  7. Viper X

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!! VIPER ACR Slithers into CAAP Viper Plant.

    It is kinda hard to tell in the pics. If you look at the silver car, the black stripe appears to be centered. The red stripe appears to be a driver's stripe. On some of the cars with black center band and black driver's stripe, it does appear off center but I'm guessing it isn't.....just...
  8. Viper X

    Shifting through the gears doesn't seem very smooth.

    Gen 4 engine mounts are stiffer than Gen 3 and work well too in the Gen 3. I've had to change engine mounts on both my Gen 3's. Went with Woodhouse on the Paxton car and Gen 4 on the N/A car. Dan
  9. Viper X

    clutch master cylinder failing?

    As above, a fluid change may solve the problelm. More and better insulation will help if you have headers, though rarely does fresh fluid boil on the street due to header heat. .....and I have not yet seen a clutch master cylinder fail. Doesn't mean that it can't happen though. I have seen...
  10. Viper X

    slave cylinder replacement questions

    Once you get through the stuff that isn't working properly due to the car sitting for such a long period of time, you should be good to go. Are the OE tires still on the car? If so, they will be very hard and won't give you very good traction. Replace them if you can. Wiper blades will be...
  11. Viper X

    Blew 2nd gear...need advice

    Same thing that happened to me, though I was making a bit more power than you likely are (925 rwhp / 860 rwtq). Dan
  12. Viper X

    Changed oil in transmission and diff.

    You could likely find the exact figures on line. I buy 4 quarts for my trans and it seems to use a bit less than that. For the diff, I buy 2 quarts and it seems to take about 1.5 or a bit more. Check this link: Dan
  13. Viper X

    2016 Viper ACR and the Nurburgring lap time...

    Having driven the Circuit of the Americas during our last Viper Owner Invitational, it would be a great track for running "ring" type laps for comparing modern track cars. Two very long straights, very fast "esses", some fast sweepers and some elevation. Also, the pavement is very smooth and...
  14. Viper X

    8 speed auto in a gen 5 viper

    Wayne, Do you know the rear gear ratio in the new Z06? My 09 ACR is also running 3.07. Would be an interesting swap. Anxious to hear your results. Dan
  15. Viper X

    WTB 2005 hydrolic fan. I think mine is gone :(

    What Thom says is true. However, in order for this to happen, the programming in the computer that controls fan turn on temp would have to have failed or have been re-flashed incorrectly, which is possible but not likely. It is worth checking on however as any dealer with the correct tool...
  16. Viper X

    Transmission issues - wouldn't go into any gear!

    Never tried Royal Purple in the trans. Hope is works out for you. Have had very good resultes with Motul Multi ATF in my 09 ACR at the track on very hot days. No shifting issues. FYI, most of the Viper Cup guys ran Motul during that race series.
  17. Viper X

    8 speed auto in a gen 5 viper

    Sounds like a very interesting build. A few thoughts: Have never seen a drive shaft failure yet in a Gen 3 or newer Viper...and I've run a Quaife with drag radials at 18 psi, Unitrax's upgraded 1/2 shafts, John Donato built T-56, stock flywheel and upgraded clutch in a 925 rwhp, 860 rwhp Gen 3...
  18. Viper X

    WTB 2005 hydrolic fan. I think mine is gone :(

    Jon B at Parts Rack can likely get you one too.
  19. Viper X

    Short throw advice needed

    Agree. Didn't know that MGW stopped making them.....guess we need to sell a more Vipers.... The MGW first strike shift nob works well with the factory shifter, thought it's not the MGW short throw unit.....
  20. Viper X

    BCM Battery Drain

    Don't know if this would be considered normal or a problem. Might want to ask Herb Helbig about it in the "Grail Trail" section of the forums. I resigned to keep my Vipers on battery tenders when not being driven a year or so after I bought my first one in 2004. No issues since then.
  21. Viper X

    OHLINS DFV vs KWs V3, my track experience.

    Without Aero, your spring rates are a bit high as mentioned, making it tougher for the KW's to work well.
  22. Viper X

    Blew 2nd gear...need advice

    Dittos. Not changing anything related to the engine operation or tune.
  23. Viper X

    Blew 2nd gear...need advice

    I put a Gen IV trans, i.e. TR 6060 in my 2006 Coupe along with a shorter shifter. Very nice upgrade. This unit is stronger, shifts smoother, quicker and is pretty hard to beat. You will need to order the shorter drive shaft, but Mopar offers a kit making it no big deal. Call Jon B, Tomball...
  24. Viper X

    Blew 2nd gear...need advice

    Cdover73, I guess what I'm trying to let you know that it's unlikely that your dirving style did any damage to the car based upon your comments......but it had 35K miles driven by a different person who may not have driven it like you did. Vipers are very robust, but they can be abused like...
  25. Viper X

    2016 ACR tires and wheels

    I've run aboutr 20K track miles on 315 x 30 x 18 Hoosiers on 11 inch SSR wheels up front on my Gen 4 ACR. No clearance issues......and I drive over the "candy striped berms" whenever it's the fastest way around the track. You should be fine with the Gen V wheels and tires on your Gen 4 if...

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