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    Had my stock shifter cut down 1.5 inches..

    I did the same to mine, although I didn't weld anything. I just cut off about a inch, then machined off the other areas to match the OEM piece. Throws are shorter, but do require a bit more effort. I did this mod for aesthetics and not a performance reason. Plus, my OEM one was a little too...
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    Does anyone sell single pillar pod for viper coupe?

    I looked for one a while back, and couldn't find anything. I did read somewhere that a Ford pickup truck's a-pillar was fairly similar in shape. I got one from summit and put some heat to it in order to molded to our A-pillar. I don't have a good picture, but you can see it well molded...
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    What better throttle on dodge viper srt10 paxon 750hp?

    The Arrow Racing is fully assembled just like you see it in the picture. There is no vacuum source, but takes simple tools and 5 minutes to add one on this throttle body.
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    What better throttle on dodge viper srt10 paxon 750hp?

    X-metal stopped selling throttle bodies a few years ago. I borrowed one for this comparison. I later purchased one from Arrow Racing since no other company was making one. Arrow racing info here:
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    What better throttle on dodge viper srt10 paxon 750hp?

    I haven't seen too many threads of people who have done back to back dyno runs to quantify gains. On my heads/cam car, I swapped from OEM to Arrow Racing single blade and gained +18whp/+7wtq. No adverse driving at low rpm and no sticking. Not certain how on how different it would be on a...
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    quick question SRT-10 Gen 3 about exhaust and calipers

    Here is what the US exhaust looks like: OEM EXHAUST INSTALLED: OEM EXHAUST OFF THE CAR:
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    Good results with GG cam and heads 673RWHP 644RWLBFT

    Great numbers Dan. Its interesting to see the capacity of what I can assume is the stock fuel system. Was it tuned with SCT, modified OEM computer, or are guys using some standalone system?
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    643whp/606wtq: Greg Good Heads/Cam with A&C Tune

    Nope. The car does buck a little at low speed. I think that an aluminium flywheel would make a bit more difficult to drive on low rpm. But besides the heads/cam/exhaust, pretty much everything else about the powertrain is stock. I haven't touched the clutch, transmission, injectors, or rear end.
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    643whp/606wtq: Greg Good Heads/Cam with A&C Tune

    Yes, still have OEM shortblock. There are SC Vipers at about 700whp that have survived for 20k miles, and SCs utilize an any additional 30-40hp to spin. My 640whp probably doesn't impose any more more strain than a 600whp SC Viper. I have had zero engine issues. I do have an A/F gauge and...
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    X-Metal Throttle Body with Paxton on Gen3

    I did a back-to-back dyno run with my Arrow throttle body on my heads/cam car. Its a single blade design similar to x-metal, but mine was slightly larger. Gains were about 18whp/8wtq at redline. See my thread here...
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    Gen 3 Headers and stock exhaust

    You can purchase American Racing Headers with a the "j-pipe" fit can to the stock exhaust, with or without cats. I ran mine with headers, no cats, and stock exhaust. Had a nice rumble and surprisingly no raw fuel smell. It has been proven my many that catback system yield virtually no power...
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    F/S: Toyo R888 Tires

    I was the buyer who backed out. I thought the tires were 305/30-18s not 19s. I had some pictures sent to me. The tires look great, but won't work on my 18s obviously. Sorry for troubles and thanks for the quick reimbursement on payment.
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    643whp/606wtq: Greg Good Heads/Cam with A&C Tune

    Talk to Todd from A&C Performance. He has built a fair share of engines.
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    Paxton Supercharged 2006 Coupe Build Thread

    Nice runs once again today. That's a nice inside-car video to show off your lightning quick :drive:
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    Is 1500 rpm ok for cruising in 6th gear?

    A very similar question came up in this thread "CLICK ME" Here is an excerpt:
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    First Gen 5 Viper in the 10s!

    Thanks for being our pioneer in getting the Gen V into the 10s. I know very few that are as fearless as you with your 5000rpm smokey clutch drops and no-lift-shifting. :headbang:
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    how much top end>>

    Not quite rookie. I have ran the standing miles for a few years ago. For my first run back in 2010, I only had stock safety system and ran +176mph on my headers/tune Gen III. We were limited to 190mph on OEM safety equipment. I added my roll bar and other equipment in late '11 for my 2012 run...
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    how much top end>>

    It would be nice to see another heads/cam car out there. I was allowed to run pretty fast on my vert with only a autoform roll bar and 6pt harness.
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    Paxton Supercharged 2006 Coupe Build Thread

    Great runs and great driving Tony. That 1.6 60ft and +152mph trap are nothing to cough about.
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    Photoshoot of GenIV

    Sweet ride and great pics. Great choice on mods, both performance and aesthetic.
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    10 second Gen III N/A Viper?

    The gearing is killing me on the 1/4. The stock 3.07 with a 28" tall tire is way to tall. I had to slip the clutch over 100ft to get a decent 60ft (clutch smoking, etc.). The 3/4 shift at 127ish is right before the traps. Rpm in 4th is at about 4900 when I finish at 133mph. I know I could do...
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    10 second Gen III N/A Viper?

    I ran my heads/cam Gen III over the summer. It was a hot/humid Texas day (+95degF, +90% humidity, +2500DA), but still went by to accompany some friends. I will be going back in cooler weather and see how much more I can improve my et and trap. I am guessing I can pull 10.6s if I can get a 1.6...
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    how much top end>>

    Great job on the 175.3mph pass. The car looked nice and solid. That 3.55 gear is perfect for your power level and this event.
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    how much top end>>

    5th gear on a Gen III and early Gen IV pull till 225mph, well past the drag limited topspeed. Journalist who shift into 6th in a Viper don't know how to drive. Even on a new Viper, 5th gear is good to well past 175mph! Changing a lower final gear still doesn't make 6th gear a usable gear...
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    Gen V Dyno Pulls with Nitrous!

    Was the wide band after the catalytic converts? On the N/A run, I am surprised that the A/F dips well into low 12's and high 11s A/F on anything past 5k rpm. Besides that, that shot of nitrous is certainly fattening those hp/tq curves.

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