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    What year are affected by the crankshaft damper bolt problem

    All years from 1992-2006 could have this issue. But the big one was the 2004 and early build 2005. Seemed to be the early build yellow '05 cars. The bolt changed from a SAE thread with a 1 1/4 hex head to a metric thread with a 21mm hex head. I found many during my inspection process at the old...
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    Rod Knock on a '04 ?

    They make a tool for cutting the oil filter open. It's like a big can opener. I would cut the filter and look inside for debris. This is a good indicator of what's going on. If you find a lot of metal then you're done. If there is no metal then you start looking somewhere else. If you do find...
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    1995 Viper Engine Swap

    Just sent you a PM
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    Headlight buckets

    Sent you a PM
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    Need Help with the Name of a Specific Part: 2005 Dodge Viper SRT-10 (First Post!)

    That part is the headlight support panel. Which is sericed with the inner fender support. I have PM'd you the number of a vendor that has that part seperate from the inner fender panel.
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    Clutch Fluid reservoir Cap-Interchangeable with other Dodge Vehicles?

    The Plastic cap is a part# 4720156 And the rubber boot under it is a 4720157. It's the same one that fits a 2001 Dodge 3500 with a Diesel and 6 speed trans
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    Generation 3 Starter power and engine ground wires?

    The main Power wire from the battery runs the length of the car inside the harness. It hooks to the starter. Then you have another Hot wire that hooks to the starter(same post) then it goes up to the PDC.The engine ground wire is on the passenger side of the block. It bolts to one of the engine...
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    Need some help here

    I have had a simular issue years ago. Had a flywheel resurfaced and the shifter would shake so bad under heavy accel the shift know would shake out of your hand. Somehow the flywheel was damaged when they resurfaced it. Had to replace it with a new one. Also have seen if you change the trans...
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    WTB Rear inner tie rod for 01 gts (cant find it anywhere)

    Tom Francis at DMS south has these in stock. 704-483-4363 Work 704-957-9384 Cell . These are OEM parts not Ebay quality. And he has plenty in stock.
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    Need Viper transported from Va. to Myrtle Beach

    I can haul two. But I'm picking up 2 for Biff. Will be back in the area in a few weeks with at least 1 empty spot coming south.
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    Need Viper transported from Va. to Myrtle Beach

    Do you have a time frame this needs to be done? Maybe in the area in a few weeks dropping one off. 910-228-8477
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    First and last

    Had a similar experiance a couple of years ago. Was working on ACRX #50. Finished it up and shipped it out. 3 days later had a late build '92 get dropped off from CA. Was kind of cool to go from one of the last Gen 4 cars to a early Gen 1 in a few days.
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    '96 GTS surging problem - low power

    I would first check fuel pressure Should be 55 psi. You will need to do this with a manuel gauge. There is no sensor that monitors this. I would check it at idle and while under acceleration. Has the fuel filter ever been changed?
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    transmission clutch squeal when engaged

    So if it was the pilot bearing it would make noise while the clutch was depressed and trans in gear. This stops the input shaft from spinning and in turn has the pilot bearing spinning on the input shaft. When the clutch in engauged the input spins at the same speed as the crank so the pilot...
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    Tranny fluid, axel fluid

    That is crossfire rear axle lube.
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    Tranny fluid, axel fluid

    Mopar 4874459 75w-85 synthetic Manuel Transmission fluid for the Transmission. If it's a 1998-2006 Mopar 4874469 75w-140 Synthetic rear axle fluid plus 1 4oz bottle of 4318060AB limited slip additive
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    The Last of the Striker Cylinder Heads Available now - until gone

    It seems that post cause quite a stir. And things are supposed to be happening tomorrow.It's sad that it takes posting public to make things happen. Good luck to all that have sent money.
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    New ACR Owner, need advice

    If they removed the hood by taking off the 4 nuts that hold the hood to the hood hinge there is no adjustment. I would look and make sure the latch is fully catching on that side. Pull up on the hood over the wheel to see if it's latched. Could be something as simple as adjusting the latch...
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    HBO'S East Bound And Down

    had that car in my shop early in production. I think most of the filming was here in Wilmington NC
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    Issues with membership lists on the forum

    Stranger things have happened.
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    Issues with membership lists on the forum

    Testing the waters to see what it takes to get banned from everything?
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    how much top end>>

    Only problem with the 3.33s is they do not make them anymore. So if you can find a set grab them.
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    gen 3 convertible rear caster adjustment and spec

    Rear caster is huge on the cars. A regular alignment rack won't give you a rear caster read out. You have to use the DRB with the inclinometer. If you don't have a shop with the right equipment the best rule is to have the rear cams on the lower control arms clocked in the same direction. You...

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