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    1995 Stock Viper with 4600 mi. No issues.

    Located in South Florida. Car includes new Auto Form hardtop and matching windows. also has factory soft top, windows, tountou cover, window sticker, all documentation from new. Maintenance recently performed including oil change, new battery, etc. Let me know and I can supply additional...
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    New Tire source

    Can you still order Michelins for a 95 viper. I have one with 4600 mi on it. Still the original tires. They look great and the car rides fine but I think I'm living on borrowed time. Thanks Bill [email protected] or 954 410 6253 or just post.
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    stock radio and speaker covers for 93-95 RT-10's.

    Hi Viper Nation. I love the Gen 1 cars. They are so pure. I have owned Gen, 1,2,3 Vipers and by far the Gen 1 are my favorite. Hard to find stock ones which is what I prefer. It seems most owners insist in taking out the cassette stock radio and speakers and adding after market but they never...
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    Trunk mount CD changer for a 1995 Dodge Viper

    Looking for a trunk mounted cd changer. Needs to work and have the cartridge. Thanks, Bill [email protected]
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    Hardtop and matching windows for a 1995 RT-10.

    Just bought a sweet yellow RT-10. Need a hardtop and matching windows. I can have painted if different color. I know I can order one from Auto form but they are pretty pricy. email is [email protected] 954 410 6253. I am in south Florida. Bill
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    Air conditioning system for a 1993 Viper

    Hi. Looking to buy a beautiful 93 snake but it needs A/C. I think 93, 94,95 are the same system. Any clue where A kit can be found. Used might be the only way to go but that is fine if I can make it work. Any info would be appreciated. Prowler Bill Email [email protected] 954 410 6253. I...
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    Air conditioning my 1993 RT-10 Viper

    Hi gang, Looking to buy a mint 1993 Viper but it does not have Air conditioning. I live in Fl. Is That something possible to do without a huge hassle or am I just playing with myself. I have a good local A/C guy to install if I can get the kit or parts that are required. As always thank you...