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    Mid to high 50s all day long ... Beautiful ride!!
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    Thrilled: Our new Viper arrived from Texas today!

    Happy for you! Enjoy, and try not to spend too much time in your garage staring at it. Lord knows I still do. Excellent color combination. Have fun, Mike
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    Paxton Supercharged 2006 Coupe Build Thread

    Okay, I'll admit it ... Even if it means resurrecting an older thread. I still reread this thread every now and then. I feel closer to it this past year, as I now live in Houston and own a stroked / supercharged 2006 coupe. Still a great read some years later!
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    Best replacement Radiator

    A recore never hurts. Running hot, or causing worry while you drive is not much fun. I tend to overdo this area, as I like to not wonder if I have enough. I'm a Ron Davis fan, but have also used competitors depending on the car / availability.My supercharged stroker '06 Coupe stays cool in...
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    2000 with 9k miles...what are the risks?

    You made the right call, and congrats!! If a car has 'stories', and those stories have holes or them, or elements that don't pass the sniff test, PASS. I've learned that the hard way a couple of times, don't wish it on others.
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    Air Intake Sensor

    That should just pull straight out, using a good grip and being purposeful about it. The grommet may come out with it. The grommet will likely try to push into the assembly when you go to re-insert the sensor. You'll see, manage to get it right. Doubtful there's any sort of retaining clip...
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    Any Houstonians here?

    Older Vipers, older threads ... Both need love. Score a +1 Houstonian, southwest 'burbs.
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    Buying my first Viper.... now what?

    Nice! My first one was a blue / silver 2001. Just enjoy it, get to know the car.
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    viper prices

    To me, super low is less than 1K. Not saying 5K isn't low, but it's not the same as 500. I've had some collector cars that low, but not Vipers. I can't resist driving Vipers, so why torture myself?!
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    Undamaged Serpentine Belt Came Off: Possible Fixes?

    Ouch! Thanks for sharing. I no longer have a Gen 2, but never say never. Now I will have to put the paranoid eye on this area of my Gen 3 ... Unless they OEM improved this area.
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    Viper Tech in North Houston

    Andy, not to crowd OP's thread, but I didn't know you were at ViperExchange. Small world ... I bought my Viper from Bernie early 2017; the 2006 Coupe, red with silver stripes, Paxton supercharged. Great ride!
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    Happy for you! It's a beauty. So long as you like your generation and color combo choice, that is all that matters. Enjoy!
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    viper prices

    Big premium for super low miles. It's been a fetish (for lack of a better word) of mine for the past decade. Then sometimes someone overpays for a crazy low mileage vehicle, and drives the hell out of it. It takes all kinds.
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    Why did the AM radio stop working on both of my Gen IV snakes?

    Wait ... Radios still have AM?! (Insert old person, walked to school in the snow / uphill both ways, stories here). Seriously though, that is pretty odd.
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    Newb alert ... Well, kinda (2006 Coupe, Paxton 522)

    Thanks for the offer, Shaggy. I'm fine to start anew with this screenname. ViperJeff, this video (link below) was posted before I bought it. Put down 745hp / 687tq. A more recent dyno session had it in mid-720s. It makes enough to keep me on my toes.
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    Newb alert ... Well, kinda (2006 Coupe, Paxton 522)

    I know I used to spend time here years ago. I owned a 2001 GTS then, daily driver truck was an '05 SRT-10 Quad Cab. I thought I'd come see what's happening back on the forums. This is my current Viper > 2006 Coupe, 522 stroker with Paxton supercharger. It will get after it ... Me smiling like an...