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    ZF-8HP90 Transmission / V-10 Viper Engine

    What is the reason for the auto conversion ? I've seen many conversions where the lower frame rails were cut out to make room for the auto trans conversion. Not a good idea. Most all of the ones I've done, been involved with, were for owners with left leg issues but still wanted to drive there...
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    transmission issue

    Is there any effort difference in going into reverse with the key on or off ? should be very hard to get to reverse with the key off. The skip shift and reverse lock out solenoids have the same plug and can be mixed, check. Reverse is synchronized in the T56.
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    replacing t56 with tr6060

    First what year is your Viper ? If you have a pre-2000 you will need the trans modified for the speed sensor. Other than the trans you’ll need the correct driveshaft slip yoke. The 6060 is .200” larger diameter. The trans crossmember will need to be modified for the mount stud. It is farther...
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    95 Viper intermittent transmission shifting issue

    Sounds like the skip shift solenoid is sticking or the pin is bent and not retracting fully.
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    '02 Transmission

    I have a fresh rebuilt Gen 2 trans with updated bronze fork pads available. John
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    question about the clutch on my car

    What kind of issues are you having ? What year Viper do you have ?
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    Mid-Engined Dodge Viper Rendered as C8 ChevroletCorvette Rival-Auto Evolution

    There was two different mid engine proposals made, was kept very quiet and few knew about them.
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    Wheel hop = Blown rear end :( Be careful

    The 96 and up axle shafts are stronger than the 95 and earlier OE shafts . The outer yoke shaft was revised and is a larger diameter and less prone to twist or breaking. If you find a used set be sure they have a smooth plunge for the full length of the spline to ensure they are not twisted and...
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    Gen IV Transmission Upgrade

    Bob, Thanks for the assessment of the upgrades and what were you doing in Mexico with your Viper ? The work with the DoE has finished and also the full build of four Challenger Drag Paks with one to complete. This will help with the turn around time on the transmissions.
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    Engine mounts, will they help with 4th to 3rd problem?

    How long are you driving on the track before the 4 to 3 issue starts ? Does it get progressively worse the longer you run it ?
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    Frequent transmission failure and pedal adjustment

    First I've heard of this, what failures are you seeing ? With the pedals adjusted all the way forward the ratios are the same as the earlier non adj. pedal set up.
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    Royal Purple Synchromax Trans Fluid

    All Viper T-56 transmissions have the Kevlar lined blocker rings. The pre 96 units used Dextron 3, Castrol Syntorq was developed for 96 and up to eliminate the neutral gear rattle that was aggravated by the cam change. This oil also has a higher shear strength and temp tolerance than the ATF...
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    Transmission "Chatter" on '08...

    The noise is neutral gear rattle and it increases with temp as the transmission internal clearances expand. The ATF requirement of the 6060 and the increased inertia of the larger gears has made the noise more noticiable. From the description of the noise it is not related to the clutch or...
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    Did someone say "Gen4 transmission into a Gen2" ??

    The 9310 gear steel T-56 trans can be identified by two rings cut into the end of the input shaft spline. All Viper T-56 transmissions have carbon lined blocker rings. The early GM versions had paper. Borg Warner pre-filled all of the transmissions w/ Dexron III ATF prior to shipping to...
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    Noisy 97 GTS tranny

    We use the Castrol fluid in all Viper T-56 transmissions, 92 to 06. The part number for the fluid is Mopar 4874459 or GM # 12346190.
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    Did someone say "Gen4 transmission into a Gen2" ??

    You must use ATF in a 6060 transmission. I worked with SRT early on with the Challenger 6060. Due to the amount of synchronizer area with the triple cones, heavier oils will cause drag and clashing on shifts. Some cold down shifts would block you out totally. I have looked at some of the...
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    3rd gear whine

    What year is the Viper ? You could contact the factory service rep direct and fill him in on the trans noise. I have not heard of the dealers repairing a Viper trans. Just R&R.
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    Tremec 6060 in a Gen. II?

    We have been looking for a Viper 6060 trans to look at adding a speed sensor and some possible ratio swaps, but none are available as cores. Any bad units are being replaced under warranty at this time. DonatoEng
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    Deteriorating T56 Thrust Washers/Blocking Rings?

    You are correct that there seven listed in the diagram and there are selective shims for setting the input/mainshaft & cluster/extension end play/preload. Four of the labeled thrust washers (68,74,135,139) are for the reverse and idler gear. #26 and 38 are plates that connect the main shaft to...
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    3rd gear whine

    There should be very little to no noise from the trans. Keep after the dealer for a replacement. John Donato Engineering
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    Deteriorating T56 Thrust Washers/Blocking Rings?

    Very odd issue, the use of certain oils will swell the friction material on the synchro blocker rings. This will cause the blockers to drag on the speed gears and burn the cone. When this happens the shifts are very notchy, then you will get clash as the friction material wears away. The T-56...
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    3rd gear whine

    03 is the first year for the one piece cluster T-56 transmission. I have not had any sent in for a 3rd gear whine. A lead or involute issue on the gear tooth profile could cause a noise. Do you feel any vibration when you hear the gear noise ?
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    Tremec 6060 in a Gen. II?

    The 6060 has some common pieces with the T-56. The biggest difference is the triple / double synchro set up. This was first introduced into the Vette T-56 due to the constant run drive shaft. Until I get to look at some 6060's with miles on them I'll stick with the T-56 w/9310 steel gears. A...
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    Tremec 6060 in a Gen. II?

    I've look over a GM version of the 6060 and I think we can add the vehicle speed sensor to a Viper version of the 6060.
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    Best place to buy gears

    The super 44 gear set from Dana is the best to use but it requires the rear cover to be modified on pre 96 Vipers.