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    twin turbo issues thoughts?

    I'm with Mario... just be careful where you take it for the install....
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    CAlling Vipair...or Steve Prescott

    I was going to order a " coupe" rear for my convertible, But after reading all this( plus some more on other forums) i decided that the only way i would pay him for it would be if it had the parts already in my possession and then i'll send him the money. same with RSI, only did business with...
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    Had a run in witha Z06 tonite.

    Nice race!!!
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    Bolt on drag wheels in the making for Gen3/4 cars

    Subscribed and interested!!!:cool:
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    More exhaust pop and flame questions

    Mine's a Gen 3, has no cats, and a roe tune, shoots pretty big flames!!
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    a sad day here at Tire Rack

    May he Rest in Peace!!!, God Bless!
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    different tire size?

    Really narrower tires Never even crossed my mind... Nor they'll ever will...
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    Wrecked 08 ACR on ebay - how much to fix?

    Buy it cheap, buy a new frame from VPA and build a new car !!!:D
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    My GTS movie star

    Nice!!, seems funny, also Keeley..MMMMM!!!!!
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    Most beautiful Viper out there

    I'm with Jeff this ( for me)is the most beautiful one white on white rims w the blue band, simply stunning imho.
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    Pics of your toys together

    Here are some!!
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    Anyone in the VA/MD area install a paxton supercharger by them self?

    yeah i would like to know the answer too!!, please.
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    RAH Factory CD Player/Radio

    if anyone's interested I have the factory 6 cd changer from my 2006 for sale.
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    Shocks and springs

    just for general knowledge,, how much? also did you ever found out if the shifter worked? thanks.
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    a prayer for my daughter tonight would be appreciated

    Glad to hear she's ok, she'll be in my prayers.
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    Carolina Viper Club/VCA Holiday Wishes

    Thanks chuck!! , there's cars and Coffee in greenville This sat If You can drop by!! :cool:
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    Carolina Viper Club/VCA Holiday Wishes

    Glad to hear that chuck, it's been raining here all the weekends so i ve just been able to " look" at it :-/, anyway merry christmas to you and your family too, Looking forward to the TOD too !!! :-)
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    Sharing a unique photographic angle for your Viper

    At AMP(atlanta motorsports park), last sunday.
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    18k - too many miles?

    I was thinking of trading my 06 for a Gen V too, but after this and coming from a dealer like roanoke, i might as well keep my 06 with ....aarrgghh 40k miles!!!!, which i guess is worth less than a new fiat 500.
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    Left Over Parts After Selling my Viper

    Hi , I sent you a PM at the VA...
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    Hurst shifter

    is that with the MGW knob?
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    Do you find yourselves always "dreaming" of other Vipers?

    Yes I do and I'd love to have a Twin Turbo 2006 commemoratrive edition coupe, with over 1,200 rwhp at least!!!, and a voodoo ACR
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    2008 Viper Acceleration - "like pullling an old man out of his chair" . . .

    The 3.55 will be Just what the Dr. ordered then!!