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    Second Gen RT/10 color/spoiler question

    Mopar did offer a spoiler for RT/10s as an aftermarket accessory (I have one), but I'm pretty sure it wasn't available as a "factory" option; perhaps as a dealer-installed option?
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    AC condenser line; "upper air baffle" removal?

    Starting a separate post in case anyone recognizes the part description... I'm trying to get access to the passenger side ac condenser line in order to replace the o-ring. There is a part "upper air baffle" (#4; 4709 403) which is blocking access, and I do not see anyway to remove it, nor has it...
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    Gen1 front fascia removal hints?

    Just to update/close this out... There is a ***** and Christmas tree fastener holding the fascia under each headlight. They are a minor PITA to get at. The overflow tank is common to the D150 pickups and other trucks. I put some tape marks on the tank so I could directly check the level from...
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    A/C oring sizes and source?

    So, it does look like the condenser outlet is where my leak is occurring; the stain is pretty obvious under the black light. However, I don't see anyway to get to it. At this point, the front fascia and radiator have both been removed, and there is no access to get to the line. There is an...
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    replacement radiator alternatives?

    Hi all, So in another thread, I was trying to remove my front fascia to get to the overflow tank (currently stuck trying to remove stripped s*c*r*e*w under headlight). So while I was at it, I flushed the cooling system. Long story short, I found out the radiator is weeping, and needs to be...
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    1994 RT/10 Fuel pump not working?

    relays are pretty easy to check. Parts shops may have a relay checker; basically a board with different relay sockets you can plug the relay into. If not, you can check them yourself with a meter and battery; google "relay pin diagram" with the pin numbers on the relay (probably...
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    Gen1 front fascia removal hints?

    Apparently, the letters "s", "c", "r", "e", and "w" are not allowed to be strung together, even when the combo refers to mechanical attachment device.....
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    Gen1 front fascia removal hints?

    I found out what my issue is/was. So, there is another one of those Xmas tree plugs and a ***** in the fascia, under each headlight; I'm really glad I did not just try to yank the thing off! The ***** is under the Xmas tree, which makes it hard to turn(there is no straight shot to the *****...
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    Gen1 front fascia removal hints?

    I really didn't intend to get this far into it.... In a previous thread, I had asked about oring sizes for the AC condenser (thanks again Steve!). This weekend, I started pulling out the radiator to get the condenser, when i noticed a coolant leak. One thing led to another, and I ended trying...
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    A/C oring sizes and source?

    Hi Steve, Thanks for the quick reply! I didn't see that brand specifically at the AutoZone site, but found this: which lists both the sizes that you...
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    A/C oring sizes and source?

    I'm awakening my '94 after a long hibernation (8 yrs?). I knew there was a refrigerant leak in the a/c system before it was put away, and would like to track it down. I suspect the leak is by the front condenser, but will be verifying with a dye test. In the meanwhile, I'm trying to hunt down...
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    For anyone interested, there is a website that shows a lot of the regional autocross events (SCCA, ORPCA, BMWCCA, etc.), including location and registration requirements. You can also register for most of the events online as well. For those who haven't been to one, it's an excellent chance to...
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    HEAD GASKET UPDATE, Gen-1 Guys Look Here!

    Thanks Dan; just put in my order!
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    HEAD GASKET UPDATE, Gen-1 Guys Look Here!

    Hey Dan, So exactly what should we be ordering to duplicate stock? 4.02x.051? From the description, you'll then add .01 to the bore to take it to 4.03, and that is what will be shipped?
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    Hood cracking under the speaker grills?

    My car is in the shop getting the front fascia resprayed. While they're at, I thought I'd have them touch up some of the nicks/rock chips/etc. in the hood. They pulled off the speaker grills, and found some cracks/crazing under the grilles; I think they called them "crows feet". Is this...
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    cleaning a canvas soft top

    Porsche sells a shampoo specifically for canvas tops; their tops are made of the same Haartz that is used for the Viper tops.
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    Quieting an exhaust? Dumping a quiet one?

    Does anyone have a set of stock/quiet mufflers for a Gen1 they want to get rid of? My car is failing inspection because it is too loud (103db; limit is 93db). The emissions are fine; it's just too loud.... The last time this happened, I bought a set of used pipes off this board and slapped them...
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    rt/10 accessories checklist

    There was some sort of soft top arm update kit; Chuck was telling me about it when I was ordering a pin receiver kit for the w/s frame. BTW, I xferred the VHS video to DVD for those who were missing their tapes. It's kinda funny to watch (I kept getting reminded of Miami Vice for some reason).
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    I broke somthing....

    Check with a 4x4 shop; re-gearing/rebuilding diffs cost around $500 here. The diff itself is easy to remove/replace, although a couple of the bolts need gorrilla arms. I think $3600 is pretty high, although probably $3k of that is just for a new diff. I think you're better off with a used one...
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    Roller Rockers? Worth the upgrade or not?

    I'm sorry, but I still can't see what you are trying to point out? Are you referring to the ACR stickers?
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    Replacing Lower Ball Joint

    From what you described, if you remove the nut, the control arm should slide right off the ball joint. Is the hole in the control arm distorted in any way? The ball joint stud should be a very snug fit. As you may have already found, the ball joint is not available as a separate part; you have...
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    Why can't I use this Cometic Head Gasket?

    Why will Cometic "NEVER" make Gen1 gaskets? Is it a technical issue? Lack of demand? Just how different are the Gen1 and Gen2 gaskets? I'm really curious, as the gaskets will be unobtanium at some point, and without alternatives.....
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    I thought head gaskets were expensive?

    DC Performance and PartsRack were contemplating making a run of them; why don't you give them a call?
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    Failed windshield wiper motor?

    Hi Don, Besides the column switch, you also have the intermittent wiper control box; did you check that out? You can jumper it directly at that point and bypass the wiper stalk switch. If the wipers work correctly when you jumper it, then you can test out the switch; otherwise, try swapping...