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  1. Burt G

    New Owner San Antonio

    If you're willing to Transport your Car to So. Ca I would highly recommend reaching out to Todd Abrams of A&C Performance 951-696-0500. He's the REAL DEAL & can arrange his contact to safely pick-up & return your Viper.
  2. Burt G

    Jesel Shaft Mounted rockers for a GEN II

    Anyone selling a New or lightly used set of Jesel Shaft mounted rockers for a Gen II? If so, please DM or email [email protected] any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  3. Burt G

    New Viper owner

    2001 Z06 Millenium Yellow
  4. Burt G

    New Viper owner

    Congrats! Interestingly, I too own the same exact combo "96 GTS & C5Z06 :beer:
  5. Burt G

    1998 Viper GT2 OEM Canard value?

    Canards are Sold.
  6. Burt G

    1998 Viper GT2 OEM Canard value?

    Quick question for those "in the know" What's fair resale value on a new set of OEM 1998 GT2 Canards? TIA!
  7. Burt G

    Gen 1 owners ... Please report

    ViperRed, that is one mighty fine example!
  8. Burt G

    A & C Performance...5 Diamond Rating...Outstanding Tuner

    Todd & Crew truly are an ELITE group of Professionals who know their Sh%#!! Glad we have them in Cali.:headbang:
  9. Burt G

    WTB: 96-99 GTS. CA buyer

    Shoot me a PM, may have what your looking for.
  10. Burt G

    Looking to Own Gen II GTS

    Chris, not sure what happened, I will resend. Thanks!
  11. Burt G

    Looking to Own Gen II GTS

    PM sent on available GTS.
  12. Burt G

    Aftermarket exhaust making the 02 viper louder!

    Simple solution is the rear muffler delete system, not as costly as a Cat-Back exhaust. If interested, send me a PM as I have one for sale.
  13. Burt G

    Car Sold - Easy way to Finish Transaction

    I've dealt with a similar situation with a cashiers check for means of payment. I held the title and released the car until funds cleared. if the arrangement goes bad, report the vehicle stolen to the authorities.
  14. Burt G

    2000 GTS - Price Question

    Appears to be missing the Viper emblems on the fender & front fascia, possible repaint or someone removed for stealth appeal...My .02
  15. Burt G

    96 GTS with 80K for 30K????

    Nuf said!:2tu:
  16. Burt G

    For you guys that have owned multiple gen2s

    Anton, PM sent, cleared in box again. Thanks!
  17. Burt G

    1997 GTS for Sale (WARFANG's GTS)

    FWIW, Those who don't know the history behind this car, Josh AKA Warfang was a GREAT guy! We exchanged Viper stories back in the day as he too was a Ca. VCA member. I hope this GTS lands in the caring hands of another respectful VCA member who will take amazing care of it just like the current...
  18. Burt G

    For you guys that have owned multiple gen2s

    Sorry, just cleared in box. Thanks!
  19. Burt G

    For you guys that have owned multiple gen2s

    1996 GTS, 13k mi with Paxton Novi 2500, StopTech BBK, Chrome 19" SP600's, Penski Susp. May consider letting go for the right price... PM if interested
  20. Burt G

    My 96 GTS

    One can never go wrong with the classic look! Well done :2tu:
  21. Burt G

    My Viper is delivered!

    Have peace of mind knowing your Viper came from Marv & Nate Rose, they are honest and deliver the finest in pre-owned vehicles! Congrats on the RT purchase and welcome to the VCA
  22. Burt G

    Look What Pulled Up in The Driveway This Morning!

    Congrats, on your B/W GTS for the second go round...try to keep this one ; )
  23. Burt G

    1996 GTS Coupe and Capacity

    Mobil One, end of story.
  24. Burt G

    Just Picked Up My New GTS Coupe...

    Agreed, that should all buff out too!

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