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  1. 1Of3 09ACRs

    What is a fair asking price by a dealer for 2008 SRT Viper?

    Middle $70s to middle $80s. But again based on overall wear and tear. And of course look very closely under the hood. The engine bay always tells the true story of how well the car has been taken care of. I once hauled a Gen IV ACR to Bernie Katz that he had bought "sight unseen" and asked me...
  2. 1Of3 09ACRs

    Michelin All Season 4 Versus 4S

    Just got my Gen IV ACR back from Prefix and **** Winkles said my R-Triple-8s were so darn loud on the chassis dyno that he's half deaf now...LOL. They are great summer/track tires though. Time for some new shoes. After reading this thread I'm going to look into a set of 4S'. Thanks for all the...
  3. 1Of3 09ACRs

    Mechanic needed in NC - Greensboro area?

    If you haven't already solved your issue I highly recommend you reach out to the guys at Prefix. I personally know Richard Winkles who works there and he is considered to be the father of the Dodge Viper Engine. [email protected]
  4. 1Of3 09ACRs

    09' ACR Starts/Dies after installing new O2 Sensors

    You were right on the money Steve. The battery voltage was just under 12 volts an hour after removing the tender. Hence, I installed a new battery and she fired right up. Thanks so much for the reply. Semper Fi-Mike
  5. 1Of3 09ACRs

    09' ACR Starts/Dies after installing new O2 Sensors

    Hello, I'm new to the forum but have owned my ACR for several years. It has Belanger headers, Corsa hi-flow cats, K&N Typhoon Cold Air intakes, and the Arrow Racing Engines tuned ECU. It has run like a beast until a couple days ago when it started running way down on power on the last hill...

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