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    '01 Supercharged RT/10 for sale

    I was under the impression that a new post was automatically created when you made a listing in the classifieds, but I don't think that's the case. Just wanted to bring to everyone's attention that I'm selling my 2001 RT/10: Supercharged '01 RT/10 - ViperClub Classifieds Car dyno'd at...
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    Copperhead Stripes?

    Color is comparable. I went with custom-printed vinyl with a bit different shape in the front. I never did like the blunt look of running the stripes all the way under the car. These are color matched to the paint and have a snakeskin pattern in them. You can't really see the pattern...
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    topless and wet in so. fla.

    My car got caught in a downpour for 2hrs with the top ON. My rear window gasket is leaky, and I got water down the back of the cockpit. I've got a mildew smell in there now. I hit it with some auto upholstery cleaner, but its still there. Gonna remove the seats and hit the floor area as...
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    What do you think of this color?

    There's an RT/10 done up in that color down here around Naples. I've seen it cruising 5th Ave. Big-ass wing on the back. Not my cup of tea. A single pearlescent color looks great on the Viper. Its big, smooth curves really show that off well.
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    VCA South Florida Trip to Smokey Mountains, October 22-27, 2009

    I don't know if I can make this work. I would have a couple of days to play (22nd and the 23rd). I don't know if I'm up for driving 8hrs to Savannah, hooking up with the caravan for one night and then driving back for another 8hrs. Anyone else from South Florida (VPR HLR) got similar plans...
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    need your opinon on these...

    I've got those on my car right now. They're pretty high quality.. metal, not plastic. For the price, they're a great deal.
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    Fascia fangs - any interest?

    Erm... I don't think so. Neat idea, but its a bit over the top for my tastes.
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    ACR in the Florida 1 Mile Event...

    One hour south of me! I'm going to see if I can make it. Sounds awesome. Looks like about half of the cars competing are Corvette Z06's! LOL! I didn't see Viper with a quick skim through the list.
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    Two-Tone Viper - A new look

    just paint the two outside sections black and then run a red stripe down the center of the car to match.
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    I'm so excited, & I can't hide it ... well, I am.

    I know how you feel! I've got an appointment on the 26th for a full exhaust install, meth injection, fuel booster and a full tune. I can't wait!
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    Gen 3 headlights on a Gen 2...

    I'm not sure that it would work. Just based on photos, it looks like the Gen3 headlights are a bit less slanted than the Gen2's. There would also be width and height issues. Like anything in life, it would probably be possible, but I would guess it would take a lot of bodywork on the hood...
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    i must call false (rt soft top in 2 mins?)

    3 piece hard top is the only way to go. Assembly/disassembly is less than 3 minutes, and I've done it far faster than that. AND you take it with you wherever you go! AND it looks about four thousand percent better than the OEM hardtop or the softtop.
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    Stripes and spoiler...

    My vinyl was sourced and installed for around $600US (paid in CDN at the time). That was for custom printed vinyl and install.
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    Possibly Silly Question on Exhaust Change

    I'm running stock exhaust with Random Tech Hi-flow cats. One of the best mods that I did. Swapping them out was quick and easy, but I spent a bit more and got them welded at a professional exhaust shop instead of just clamped. The volume increased only slightly, but its a more throaty, mean...
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    Exterior upgrades rt/10

    kit car... Nice carbeurated V8 and an automatic tranny.
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    should i buy this Salvage ReBuilt 98 viper?

    Speaking from experience here. I've got an '01 RT/10 that I bought salvage and did the repairs myself. Ensure you can register and insure in your state. My biggest hassle with my car wasn't getting it fixed, but going through the legal obstacle course to get it on the road legally. Big...
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    roe supercharger rebuild poll

    I had no idea that Sean stopped rebuilding. If so, its a recent thing, as he completely went through my ROE prior to me installing it in my '01. For what he does, its completely and utterly worth it. Everything arrived as it would have if I'd have bought it new... boxed, labeled and with new...
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    Pinning the crank

    I pinned the crank during my ROE install, and there was no way that I could figure out how to drill them without raising the motor. You must be magic!
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    How much $$$ for a Removable HARDTOP?

    I second that statement!
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    Black Vipers will be worth more...

    Get real... if its hot, you blast the A/C regardless of what color car you're in. Its not like black cars have colder or higher performance A/C gear in them.
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    how do does your stock gen II run?

    I just finished a ROE install with a 160 degree t'stat, but prior to that, I ran at around 200 consistently, even in the hot weather here in South Florida. I'd say that 210 is pretty normal though. If I remember correctly the service manual shows that the fans don't even kick in until 210...
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    Pic's of Gen 2's with Black Rims

    18" BBS powdercoated black:
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    would you buy a salvage viper?

    I would... and did.. but wouldn't again in this market. Too many great deals out there for clean cars. Mine was fixed right, as I oversaw every step personally and contracted the best shops in the area to do the work that I couldn't. What I ended up with is the same car that I could have...

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