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    Wanted 99 GTS Silver With blue Stripes

    I have a 98 Silver/Blue GTS that I'm selling - PM me if you're interested.
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    Preparing my Viper for the track...??

    Go to and look under the powertrain category. JonB sells a stage 1, 2, and 3 kit - I'd recommend the stage 1 and 2 (Big oil pan, baffles, windage tray). The stage3 kit is pretty much unnecessary.
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    Preparing my Viper for the track...??

    I'm afraid I'd advise against this - in fact, I try to run the car at about 1/4 way up the fill mark on the dipstick and no higher. If you run the car with a full or too-full oil load, that oil will puke onto the valves under hard braking. This can cause your engine to run rough and can fill...
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    Preparing my Viper for the track...??

    If you're an experienced driver and could expect to be pushing the car somewhat, I'd upgrade brakes and safety gear in that order. The car will run hot when run hard, but shouldn't actually overheat (the motor actually makes the best power just short of temp red line). The upgrades I'd make in...
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    Stock steel FLYWHEEL for sale?

    Try Cam at Malty Motorsports - I think he has a few in good condition. A
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    Side Sill Heat Paint

    Get the high-end RandomTech cats from PartsRack - my sills are hand-warm without any special shielding or paint.
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    Need options for tapping into fuel line for nitrous

    I would echo v10kingsnake's comment - if you are unfamiliar with the fuel pressure test point then I'd strongly recommend getting a good shop to do this work for you. I did my own install and ran into issues because I got something in the fuel line during install; my buddy blew his motor due to...
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    I am a horses @ss...

    I'm selling my 98 GTS (modded) in the classifieds for about that price. If you want a stock Viper I'd take JonB's, if they're looking for a built car with suspension, brakes, motor, nitrous, etc. then let me know.
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    Autoform Roll Bar & bulkhead trim

    I had the Autoform rollbar with the stock trim cut (in the car when I bought it) and ended up replacing the trim panel with the fiberglass part. I strongly advise that you save your stock piece and use the fiberglass one - it looks good and is much easier to install. The main problem is with...
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    Suddenly, I have weak hood springs...

    I had my Viper in for a fairly major service - managed to grenade the #3 bearing and needed to fix the crank and a few rods. Anyway, the repair took a month and the car runs great, but now I have two hood-related problems: 1. The hood springs don't even try to hold the hood up. I used to...
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    Hood spring replacement

    You mention that the replacement of hood springs are $60-$80 per side - are these for the springs or the hood assembly? Thanks, A
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    Cam McCracken-ViperTech-You gotta be kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cam's Web site:
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    Anyone have a GTS with higher milage then me?

    I have 58K miles on mine - just had Maltby Motorsports ( do a deep maintenance cycle and inspection. The bottom end was fine, all the bearings were good, no significant wear anywhere. I get in about 10 track days per year in this car and am religeous about...
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    Fog light lens question

    I kept losing fog light covers so I took both off permanently. After having the ugly exposed slots visible for about a year, I used some silver pinstripe tape to cover the holes. It's stuck well, is easy to trim to shape, matches the car color very well, and was cheap. I was able to find a...
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    Thinking of selling my '02 FE GTS...............

    Re: Thinking of selling my \'02 FE GTS............... The unfortunate truth is that if you get 10 cents on the dollar for your extras you're doing well. The supercharger is a bit of an exception, but all in all I expect you could get around $65K for the car modified as it is. I'm not in favor...
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    ACR wheels and tires on e-bay

    3K is probably the very maximum for a used set - 4000 miles on the rubber means that there is at most 60% rubber left, considerably less if the car's been flogged at all. At this price I'd be right on the edge - it's nice to have the ACR BBS look, but for the same money I can get new Speedstar...
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    For Sale 96 GTS (only 885 miles) in NJ

    I think that the 96 Coupe will probably one of the honestly collectible years, given the direction that the SRT has taken. In 10-30 years, an extreme low-mile example of the most collectible year will probably justify the 60K price, as long as you have the discpline to not start putting miles...
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    Do I need stock heat shields with high-flow cats?

    I'm running the nice metal substrate Randomtech cats and borla mufflers on my 98 GTS. I no longer have any heat issues, which is nice, but my stock heat shields are pretty messed up from when I still had the stock cats on there. I'm wondering if it would be possible to leave the heat shields...
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    The proper way to clean your Viper (pics)

    I've seen posts by so-called Viper enthusiasts with instructions for how they wash and Zaino their Vipers in their driveways using such-and-such sponges, detergents, and drying napkins. SLACKERS!!! You might as well buy some turtle wax and a Corvette! A true Viper enthusiast will disassemble...
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    Odd payment request from classifieds

    Yeah, that's what I figured. I got scammed out of one set of wheels before (though he's doing time in prison for it now), and so my radar's really up on these sorts of things. You'd almost think it would be worth having a "common scams" notice for members who use the classifieds.
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    Odd payment request from classifieds

    I received a fairly odd response to a classified ad that I'd placed, and I wanted to see if anyone had had experience with something like this before. Everything about the mail shouts out "scam" to me, but I don't want to be rude to someone who's making a legitimate offer. Here's part of the...
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    clutch going, 16k miles ? Y2K GTS

    I believe my first clutch was replaced at around 18k miles on my 1998 - since the new factory clutch I've run the car hard for another 30K miles without any problem. Just to be safe, however, I'm taking it in on Saturday for some upgrades, including a kevlar clutch and lightweight flywheel.
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    Unitrax Heavy Duty Half shafts?

    The damage caused by breaking a half shaft would be mitigated considerably (I won't say totally, just to be safe) by installing some hoops to contain them. I believe these are required in any case if you're running in the 10's. As to how much it sucks if you have to get towed home after...
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    Pre-Oiling and Accumulator system packages- FEEDBACK PLEASE

    I'd be interested, possibly - it would depend on the cost of the kit, and the extent of work necessary for installation.
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    Unitrax Heavy Duty Half shafts?

    On the other hand, you may want to consider the half shafts as a sort of fuseable link - I'd rather break a shaft than tear up my differential or transmission. Unless you're running it hard on the track all the time, I'd consider just installing driveline loops against the chance that they do...

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