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  1. George Farris

    1993 interior door handle surrounds, I just purchased the door handle surrounds and they don’t want to latch on the interior trim. Any suggestions?

    There should be some clips molded into the back of the surround which allows it to clip in place. They did break off when owners tried to take them off. Hope you got good ones ...
  2. George Farris

    Got New Viper!!

    Great going, Biff!!! Sounds as if she is still running strong. Hope all is well!!!
  3. George Farris

    Snake Oyl Cruise Control Instructions (608) 849-9878 Installed the kit on my 2002 GTS ... your installation is different. It works great ... however, some of the instructions were "suggestions." Good Luck!
  4. George Farris

    1993 Dodge Viper RT/10 Roadster - $39,000 (Clark County Nevada)

    Excellent car and excellent price!! I still miss my Gen I ... 1993 also ... #796 ... no antenna ... Best of luck to you AND the car!!!!
  5. George Farris

    New Viper owner in Dallas Texas!

    BSP Motor Sports is highly thought of in the the DFW area ... They are not a dealer ... but have lots of experience ... 469 731-5887 Located in Frisco
  6. George Farris

    Dual GTS-R Display Coming up

    Such beautiful and successful race cars ... loved watching them ... even at 2 am ...
  7. George Farris

    Unusual Air Filter

    Thankx, Steve. He is missing the cover that went over the filters ...
  8. George Farris

    Snake Oyl Cruise Control

    You are right ... directions not so hot. I corrected them and sent in for updates. Didn't happen.
  9. George Farris

    Unusual Air Filter

    Friend's 2006 Coupe has this air filter ... he needs to get a new one whatever it may be. Bought used and has had Viper for a while. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankx!!
  10. George Farris

    Rattlers on a 2005 VCA

    Super!! They look like Demon wheels which are outstanding, also...
  11. George Farris

    Recommended Tires

    Call John B .. Parks Rack 360 837 3937
  12. George Farris

    Timing gear

    Dots ...
  13. George Farris

    Mecum Viper Auction Results January 2022

    Amazing numbers. Will be very interested tomorrow as a 2002 Red/Silver GTS crosses the block ... ... since I have one.
  14. George Farris

    Silver Sparkle wheels

    Those may be right for '97. Wheels on the '98 and later model years were polished.
  15. George Farris

    After about 10 Yrs away, Nothing's Changed.

    One club would help .... But the DFW area is pretty active ..
  16. George Farris

    To buy Dodge Viper or Chrysler Viper?

    Hope so ... will shoot for January - February. Going to have a Viper Tech go over it front to back just to make sure there are no issues. Thankx!
  17. George Farris

    To buy Dodge Viper or Chrysler Viper?

    61,000 miles is high ... but it looks super and runs great ...
  18. George Farris

    To buy Dodge Viper or Chrysler Viper?

    Thank you! Good luck on your search ...
  19. George Farris

    To buy Dodge Viper or Chrysler Viper?

    Understand ... I hate "fees" ... $40,000 ...
  20. George Farris

    To buy Dodge Viper or Chrysler Viper?

    Have a 2002 GTS ....Red/Silver 61,000 miles Runs and looks great .... May be interested in selling ...
  21. George Farris

    To buy Dodge Viper or Chrysler Viper?

    Correct .. exhaust out the rear on Chrysler Vipers .. also, those cars has side turn signal lights to meet European requirements ...
  22. George Farris

    Power steering issue on my '96 GTS

    I have fixed such PS issues in my garage ... a SAE mechanic should have no problem. Nothing fancy here ...
  23. George Farris

    2015 GT - A dream come true

    Welcome to Rock Star status ...

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