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  1. viperbob

    Beware 2009 White Vert for sale

    This car was listed on the Gen 3/4 FB Page several days ago but when I had it inspected prior to a possible purchase the seller removed the entire discussion since I offered to pass along the findings and pictures...
  2. viperbob

    Anyone near Cuyahoga Falls Ohio?

    Thanks for Bob B., who looked at the car for me, I am not getting it...the search continues.
  3. viperbob

    Is there a Ohio Forum?

    I want to see if someone can look at a 2009 Viper for me - I may have finally found one albeit I want a set of eyes on it.
  4. viperbob

    Anyone near Cuyahoga Falls Ohio?

    That can take a look at a 2009 Viper for me? Please message me if so. I am not looking for a PPI but just a general look at it cosmetically. Sorry for posting here but this is the closest forum to Ohio I could find!
  5. viperbob

    Like New Gen V Rattlers and Michelin PS4S Tires

    If I had a car that needed them I would have bought them already!
  6. viperbob

    Roe Racing Defunc?

    I talked to Sean a couple of months ago and he said they were not doing work at their shop anymore but selling online only. Years ago I went there and had them install an exhaust, etc. - great peeps.
  7. viperbob

    Areas of SRT to inspect during purchase

    Link to it? I may have talked the seller when I was considering a Gen 3.
  8. viperbob

    WANTED : 2008 OR 2009 Viper Convertible in Viper Blue Metallic (PBC)
  9. viperbob

    Spokane Member to see 2009 Viper Vert?

    Thanks but I am really looking for a Gen 4, my original intent. I started considering Gen 3 cars but I decided I am not giving up what I have now to "settle" for something else!
  10. viperbob

    rebadging snakey

    Red would like cool, especially if you have Red brake calipers.
  11. viperbob

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year, directly!
  12. viperbob

    Look at a Viper in Phoenix AZ?

    Of course!
  13. viperbob

    Look at a Viper in Phoenix AZ?

    All set, thanks for asking though!
  14. viperbob

    Wanted: 2008-2010 Convertible

    Well, I had someone else tell me they would sell me their car, a 2009 White/Red stripes then he backed out of the deal, but the Blue/White car is still available and I am still talking to them about possibly buying it. It has some scrapes and scratches so they are going to see what their body...
  15. viperbob

    Wanted: 2008-2010 Convertible

    Still looking...the one I wanted did not work out ):
  16. viperbob

    Got New Viper!!

    Merry Xmas from FL guys, but it feels like MD with the cold here (ha ha)!
  17. viperbob

    South Bend IL area owners?

    I did not see a regional forum for Indiana so I am posting here: if anyone is near South Bend please message me since I think I finally found the right Viper for me, and the owner is more than happy to show it to someone for me. Merry Christmas!
  18. viperbob

    Spokane Member to see 2009 Viper Vert?

    Never mind, the car is heading toward Illinois Motors eventually so I can wait; however, I may have found another I am seriously considering.
  19. viperbob

    Look at a Viper in Phoenix AZ?

    I'll message you his text # in case you have a chance to see it. The seller is a great guy and said he would be happy to show it to anyone.
  20. viperbob

    Look at a Viper in Phoenix AZ?

    North Phoenix - I can get an exact address if possible.
  21. viperbob

    Wanted: 2008-2010 Convertible

    I really want a Gen 4 this time...I had a couple of Gen 3s already.
  22. viperbob

    Spokane Member to see 2009 Viper Vert?

    It will be in Spokane soon (coming from Alberta), so if there is someone that can take a look at it for me I would appreciate it. It is a Red with White stripes Vert with about 7k miles and the seller says it looks like it rolled off the showroom floor. It needs tires and a battery but I just...
  23. viperbob

    Anyone near Portland?

    A Red/White 2009 Vert will be in Spokane soon...seems nice if anyone wants to take a look at it.
  24. viperbob

    Look at a Viper in Phoenix AZ?

    I really like a Silver 2003 there but need to get someone to put eyes on it...thanks!

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