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  1. BoondocSaint

    Need advice on '02 GTS for sale

    Having the dealership look at it is not a bad idea. If the car can't make it to them, you might be able to have something worked out allowing their tech to go to the car. PPI (pre purchase inspection) can be done, but I'm not sure who in that area is reputable or their pricing. Could always take...
  2. BoondocSaint

    Throttle body manufacturer?

    Thought I'd throw a little bump on this. Anyone else have an idea of who made these throttle bodies?
  3. BoondocSaint

    Need advice on '02 GTS for sale

    Looks to be a nice low mile GTS. As far as pricing...things are a little all over the map right now. We hit some all time highs, but the market has settled a little in the last few months. I would recommend looking at comparable Viper GTS's to gauge reasonable price negotiation. Things to look...
  4. BoondocSaint

    Looking for Koni 2812 1999 front coilovers and ACR rear wheels. Anyone?

    Performance Shock rebuilt my Koni 2812's, 1(800) 965-5664. They had to replace one of the shock tubes with the updated 2812 tubes, so I figure they might have a good idea of the current state of those shocks.
  5. BoondocSaint

    Throttle body manufacturer?

    Those Accufab are the closest I have seen, but not the same. Maybe an older version? The blades also don't have any markings, so maybe custom or Chinese?
  6. BoondocSaint

    Throttle body manufacturer?

    These are aftermarket throttle bodies that were installed by a previous owner. The car is a 1999 GTS ACR. I can't find anything that looks like these. I'm not surprised given the age of the car and rarity of Vipers in general. My best guess is they were discontinued years ago...but by who? No...

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