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    SRT Viper with C7 Corvette

    Doesn't matter, I will still see 100x more Vettes and it will get old quick.
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    funny shift knob

    The dumbest thing I have ever heard a salesman say was, "It has a 6 speed but you will never get to use 6th on the road." This was when my friend was looking at an 04 GTO...
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    too fat to fit

    Also, you will get faster times in the 1/4 by weight reduction.
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    Got some professional shots done :)

    Looks too clean for a 4x4.
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    2010 ACR vs GEN V car

    Screw all this, I want to see a Gen 1 vs Gen 5!! That would be like beating up your grandpa. :omg:
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    Cross country trip in my "new" snake

    Should have done a burnout the whole way.
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    SRT Viper Vs. Corvette C7 - Seeing both in under 24 hours...

    I don't have a problem with the blacked out rear on the vette, as most guys custom paint their vettes C5 and C6 to be blacked out there. I'm not a Vette guy but I think it should have kept the round tail lights, no need for the angular ones, and if you are going to make those angular why the...
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    Check your "angel eye" LEDs

    There isn't a switch for them?
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    They Stole My Track Pack Wheels/Tires

    I want to see better pics of these, this is somewhat comical.
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    Just Plast Dipped the Viper

    How long did your plastidip last before it started to peel?
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    Custom interior and audio build thread! 1998 GTS

    I'm digging the rusted wires on that chair! Those seats look sweet!
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    Just Plast Dipped the Viper

    I plan on plasti-dipping my Viper in a few months, just not sure what color to go with. I will probably try a few out over the course of next year to find out what I will repaint my car as.
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    SRT Viper vs SLS AMG Black Series

    I agree, it is done, go ahead and throw the DCT in as I am sure for you lazy, geriatric folks it will be a blessing, less clean up in your depends from a missed shift would be a plus. If you decide to pull the "Viper" out of the garage anyway.
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    Hemotoxin: A Viper cruise video.

    Awesome, but it just shows why I absolutely hate having a red Viper.
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    SRT Viper vs SLS AMG Black Series

    Just listen to Randy when he races both cars, you can tell the AMG is boring as hell, as he is much quieter. It isn't like he has to think more, he is paddle shifting! Anyways, I am really annoyed at the "should have brought out the TA!" comments. I really hate the TA, if anything it was a sore...
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    My GTS Vapor Steel Grey

    Man... probably the only Viper I like with stock wheels is that color combo right there. I would garage that thing, I love it... oh baby.
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    More Brits knocking the Viper

    haha, yeah, because there are absolutely no V6 or V8 trucks out there... man, I hate that comment the most about Vipers.
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    More Brits knocking the Viper

    Pip pip cheerio mate! I forgot to brush my teeth for the 1000th day in a row.
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    Sound deadening or barrier... Exhaust drone and noise control.

    I was on a mission a few years ago just to get the special Corsa mufflers but the websites selling it looked too shady.
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    Top Gear Helicopter Crash

    Never really understood all the car vs helicopter tests...
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    Sound deadening or barrier... Exhaust drone and noise control.

    You will need to fab up a hertz resonator like this: The Corsa mufflers have a similar system built within.
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    I HATE LED LIGHTS...designers, please stop the insanity!!

    I would complain about push to start if there 30 push to start buttons all around the steering wheel, because it would be sooooooo cool!! (I hope you understand now)
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    Motor Trend discusses controversy

    Gen V got ousted on it's first outing. It has to be the LED xmas light strip eye liner slowing it down.
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    So Who Plans on Selling Their GenII GTS to Get a GenV ?

    If I was given a Gen V, I would sell it for another Gen II(+mods and hookers). It has decent style but it lost to a Corvette first thing.
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    Ouch!!!! Anybody Here ?

    First.. and last. Man, my bro parked too close to the curb and cracked my chin spoiler near the driver front tire, he is older than me!

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