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    Learn me about 2001 & 2002 GTS Vipers!

    I had a problem in the past... every few years I had the urge to buy a different car and did just that. In 2007 I bought my 2001 ACR and the urge ended. Still love it.
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    Rumors...what's the dealio?

    It's good to be just an "enthusiast" these days
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    Few shots of my '01 ACR

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    7 years. I can't Believe

    7 years??!! youve been in jail right?
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    Fixed my A/C for $4!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Got mine done, the O-rings were perfect but the valves were not...... like Chuck hinted to me..... evacuated, vacumned and now I can freeze popsicles.....
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    Fixed my A/C for $4!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    no autozone in Canada. Live out of town. want them there when I get there. Will call Chuck.
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    Fixed my A/C for $4!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    anybody? please
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    Fixed my A/C for $4!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can anyone provide the Chrysler part number for these so I can order them in advance please.
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    Variant 2 = wow

    yep. what he said. Solid but not back breaking. Used to feel ever crack in the road. Taking it for an alignment on Wednesday , then I will really drive it but the little playing I did this weekend was impressive.
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    Variant 2 = wow

    exactly!! but with KWs on it...
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    Variant 2 = wow

    all I can say is.... wow. Like a new ride!!
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    A few new pics of my white Viper...

    Beauty, man that's slammed
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    Confused Newbie deciding between 2001 GTS ACR and 1996 GTS ...Man this is tough!!!

    Re: Confused Newbie deciding between 2001 GTS ACR and 1996 GTS ...Man this is tough!! Not a red fan... too many around Blue/white would be my choice....
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    tow hooks?

    here's one with a tongue that will make you feel clean
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    Anyone with Car Lift info?

    1 1/2 inches to be exact tons of room...
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    H-spoke wheels

    sweet !!!!!
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    Hardtop Blues (Pic's)

    so what? Looks great, awesome car.
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    New Alberta Owner

    Welcome. Bought mine in October a few years ago.... it was painful. Nice car. see you in May
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    Differential Fluid Change - Whats the process?

    Make life easier, things are tough enough....
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    MMMMMMMMM new parts

    yep variant 2s

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