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  1. SmoknTires

    IL VCA Sycamore Night - This Saturday - Sept 21!

    Sycamore Speedway Night - This Saturday - Sept 21! We've done a few of these events and now it's become a staple as it's great social event and very different from many of the other events we do. I want to thank Vince Cannestra who shoulders most of its coordination and had the initial idea...
  2. SmoknTires

    Updated: Fall Cruise - October 4-5!!

    It's Here! Fall Cruise - October 4-5! (Note the Date Change from Oct 5-6) Update: Cruise registration was been swift, thank you all for responding so quickly. I will say right now that we will have a limit on this cruise - 55-60 people - do to certain (and key) tours. So please get your...
  3. SmoknTires

    Track Day Insurance

    Yes, even currently racing on a road course will leave you with no coverage of any kind with regard to your standard vehicle insurance. You'd have to purchase track insurance. Several folks are able to help with that, when you register, let us know and we can help you. I'll tell you however it's...
  4. SmoknTires

    IL VCA Fall Cruise - Oct 4-5!!

    It's Here! Fall Cruise - October 4-5! (Note the Date Change from Oct 5-6) This is going to be another cruise with some special not-so-common stops. It's a short 2-Day cruise and it's packed with stuff to do. Anchored by several behind the scenes looks at Caterpillar, it's a great way to end the...
  5. SmoknTires

    The Longest Day Driving Event is Here - August 23 & 24!

    30+ drivers and absolute perfection in terms of weather. It doesn't get better. Thanks for hosting us Luke. We'll see you next year!
  6. SmoknTires

    The Longest Day Driving Event is Here - August 23 & 24!

    The Longest Day Performance Driving Event Is Here - Aug 23-24 The Longest Day is here!! Two days of driving in one weekend. It’s the only two day driving event we have and it’s always a popular gathering. In one weekend you'll enjoy both autocross and road course driving! You don’t have to...
  7. SmoknTires

    Summer Cruise Update - Important!

    The books are now closed for cruise planning and registration. At the end of this week the adventure begins. As of the end of last week, we've sold out our cruise (actually oversold) - we have over 50 Vipers and 100 people! We even sold out SRT - they are now at maximum capacity and cannot fit...
  8. SmoknTires

    Monthly Club Meeting - This Wednesday!

    Several things to mention about our next club meeting… * First off, congrats for breaking yet another new record for club meeting attendance at the last meeting - 62 Vipers!! Unreal. * Next meeting - No hands will be empty… We have a very nice giveaway planned, and we might even manage a free...
  9. SmoknTires

    Summer Cruise Update - Important!

    So much good news to spread. First off, our Summer Cruise has set a new record. We have over 80 people and we're nearing 40 Vipers and still climbing! Congratulations, that is awesome! And more importantly, SRT has just provided me the registration package for the Sunday race! I can now reveal...
  10. SmoknTires

    Huge Summer Cruise - August 8-11!

    Yes. See my other post regarding this topic (new post - for more visibility).
  11. SmoknTires

    Huge Summer Cruise - August 8-11!

    Hang on a bit longer, SRT is working on details. I talked to them today and they'll have info soon on what to buy. BWT - we're looking at 80 people and almost 40 Vipers so far! We have a new record.
  12. SmoknTires

    Huge Summer Cruise - August 8-11!

    You've Been Hearing About It! Summer Cruise - August 8-11! We have Passed 33 Cars registered already and it's headed upward! It's going to be a big one! We're headed to Wisconsin for something very special! This particular cruise will be different because of some of the venue's we'll be...
  13. SmoknTires

    Viper/Mopar Car Show At Roanoke - This Sunday!

    9th Annual Viper/Mopar Car Show - Sunday, July 28th! Our good friends (and club members) at Roanoke Motor Company host a car show each year that brings hundreds of folks together for a day of car fun. The "Mopars Invade Roanoke" car show is open to all Mopars, and yes that means Viper! The...
  14. SmoknTires

    July 10th - Pilot of New Monthly Meeting Location

    Awesome pictures! Well, you guys did it. The final number was actually 62 Vipers! So we easily broke the 60 car record. Wow. This is an epic achievement. For the new venue, we have kinks to work out. Frankly I wasn't happy with the delay in food. Also there was a repeat at the mic as I was...
  15. SmoknTires

    Custom Work in Chicago

    All good input from some of the guys above. Autowerks is very capable, but doesn't do too many folks in our club. They do a lot of work on exotics and can do custom work that is really off the beaten trail and truly custom. They did my audio equipment and strobes - very good work. As for...
  16. SmoknTires

    The Search for Our Next Cruise Director(s) Has Started!

    Last year was slated to be Nancy Friends last year as cruise director (however she was kind enough to lead the spring cruise and lay a foundation for our next ones). After many years of service she's retiring and we are getting the news out to anyone interested in case you'd like to step into...
  17. SmoknTires

    July 10th - Pilot of New Monthly Meeting Location

    Our meetings have grown to an immense size topping 130+ and reaching nearly 60 Vipers on occasion. It's indeed been a long standing search to find a new location that fits us as well as our current meeting location used to. The search may be over as we've found a place large enough to...
  18. SmoknTires

    Thank You to Our 2013 Sponsors!

    They Hold Us Up On Their Shoulders! We're so lucky to have so many creative people in the club to help make fun events and so many good members who participate actively - driving hours to attend. But what completes that perfect circle are the good folks who help make those ideas happen. I've...
  19. SmoknTires

    Women's Day Performance Driving Day - May 18th!

    It's Here Again! Something Just for the Ladies! May 18th! We have a long history of performance driving in our club. And while we do actually have women who participate regularly, we know there’s many who would be exhilarated by experiencing some of the same things the guys do. That’s why we...
  20. SmoknTires

    Next Club Meeting - Next Wednesday - May 1st!

    well, you guys almost broke the 60 Viper mark. an amazing feat, but God you got sooo close (can you sense the sarcasm!). I didn't think we could easily get to 60 but you guys have scared me, another day like that and I'll be in trouble. The tragedy was indeed that we would have broken 60 if...
  21. SmoknTires

    Next Club Meeting - This Wednesday - May 1st!

    The nest club meeting is at hand and the weather is cooperating finally! Come join us this Wednesday, May 1st! It's our second meeting this year. This is where it all begins! Viper Club of Illinois meetings are a great way to get involved with the club. The purpose of the meeting is to share...
  22. SmoknTires

    Spring Cruise - May 31-June 2!!

    Spring Cruise - May 31-June 2 Finally our spring cruise is at hand! We're just a month away and the planning is finally done. This is a very special, multi-day cruise, which seems to be popular with our group. We try to make it vacation style so it's more than just about the car. This is also a...
  23. SmoknTires

    Next Club Meeting - Next Wednesday - May 1st!

    The Next Club Meeting Is At Hand! May 1st! We've officially gotten our first club meeting out of the way and now we're in full swing. Our next club meeting is next week and we're kicking it up a notch to celebrate the spring season… We're declaring it a killer free giveaway and killer free...
  24. SmoknTires

    First Club Meeting of 2013 - This Wednesday!

    The official sign that our driving season is beginning! Our first meeting is in a couple days! The location is our usual place - Fuddruckers in Schaumburg. We begin our meeting at 7:30pm, but folks seem to begin to arrive at 6:30pm to grab a bite, find a good seat, browse the cars, and chat...
  25. SmoknTires

    Chicago Half-Mile Shootout June 1-2

    Our website for the race season is currently being updated, we'll have suggested hotels for all events throughout the year (some will have special club rates).

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