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    Sapphire Blue GTS

    dang martyb, thats a very very nice ride. I'll prolly be in the running for an 01 real soon and might have to pm ya if it doesnt sell.
  2. K

    2001 RSI Unlimited Bumble Bee

    Houston eh, Glad to have another Yellow one on the road :)
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    Window sticker for '96 GTS

    2001 GTS? Pm sent :)
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    Great place for your state inspection with Viper.

    Eric Thanks, I didnt realize tomball dodge did inspections but I know dealerships do. Awesome, thanks for the bit of info. Sorry you have my cargomat for so long, hope its not a bother. Will let you know when I go to the next C&C
  5. K

    Great place for your state inspection with Viper.

    Old thread I know, but it's that time of year again for me. I'll check this place out. The other question I had was, is it required that they drive the car to check the brakes and all? I guess it is. Still gives me the willies :P
  6. K

    Even aliens like Vipers :)

    haha nice... Pinto? "THAT? I thought thats what you fed the viper" lol
  7. K

    Houston AutoRama

    Display looked great! Wish I could have repped my late model gen2
  8. K

    Just got my Viper>>>>

    I used to own an Evo9 myself Congrats on the new buy! enjoy safely :)
  9. K

    New floor mats for my 98 RT/10 (pics)

    Looks like I got my next purchase for the car! Yellow letters plus logo :)
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    September 22nd Cruise to Texas World Speedway for NARRA

    I might be in for this. Havn't had a road trip since I drove her down from Flint, Michigan!
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    Eric McLean's Viper bucket list

    awesome job that Russ did, simply amazing!
  12. K

    Jerky motion, clunking?

    haha nice way of puttin it
  13. K

    My New Viper Worthy Garage

    nice, very unique.
  14. K

    Daily drive a Gen 1?

    I'd daily drive it BUT i'm kinda paranoid about shopping centers/grocery stores/etc door dings
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    Expansion of my collection... again!

    Yeah markk, saw that one. I may have to pay and get someone to repaint a 2nd gen GTS yellow because no vendor ever made a solid yellow GTS model of the Gen 2.
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    Gen 2 Yellow GTS model?

    I can get a 1:18 or a 1:24 2nd gen GTS and have it painted, I'm okay with that. I was thinking I could do it but I'm not the best or the most careful so it'll look really bad. Plus I've looked on google on how to do it and it seems that dis-assembly of the already assembled model is in order...
  17. K

    Gen 2 Yellow GTS model?

    Hey guys, I've been looking and looking (maybe not in the correct places :dunno:) but I can't find a gen 2 solid yellow GTS anywhere. 1:18 or 1:24. I can find the one with the black stripes but not the solid yellow...oh yeah die cast mind you, not a build kit. Anyone know where I can find one...
  18. K

    Expansion of my collection... again!

    ahhh is that a yellow gen 2 GTS? two of them??? I'm looking for one and can't find a 1:18 for the life of me. Where did you find that? did you make it?? I WANT so bad, i've been looking for months now :(
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    Having fun with old tires

    I think I have to get myself a go-pro lol. that was awesome! does the go pro motorsports come with the mounts that you can use for the rear tire/interior shots? Great vid
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    New Zealand Viper Owner

    yowza, pretty rare site for you kiwis out there. I got a few buddys from south island
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    01' ACR driving in a mall

    LOL who let the bull in the china shop... or rather a viper :P thats pretty random haha
  22. K

    Fastest 5 minutes of your life!

    Are you guys all using the gopro camera?
  23. K

    Tomball Dodge/ Viper Exchange SRT Car Show July 28th

    Eric, yeah need to grab it from ya. You going to the next C&C? its gonna be uber hot tho
  24. K

    Anyone know what's going on with R&J Distributing?

    ruh roh. was about to buy those emblems and even emailed them about it. They responded. this is pre-payment. Not anymore I guess
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    Tomball Dodge/ Viper Exchange SRT Car Show July 28th

    Wish I coulda have made it, seems like a great turnout. Had some errands around town and didn't get done till late

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