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    Carbon valve covers are almost done

    I've seen Wayne's brace in person. It's excellent quality. Thick. EASILY as good (likely BETTER) than the oem X brace. I bought the OEM X before seeing Wayne's. In hindsight; I'd buy the Xtreme unit if I had to again.
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    Thoughts on painting the underside of front bumper

    Yes. Just be sure to tell the bra installer you want it under there. Xpel/Suntek self healing films are amazing with the right installer expertise.
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    This dude is crazy...

    Maybe 10k off high market. Looks like a nice clean car though.
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    Thoughts on painting the underside of front bumper

    Realistically they should be able to prep underneath as needed; then color blend only to the lower lip. The entire cover should be removed/scuffed/recleared/buffed. But just the bottom will get color. Any good shop will just need your paint code. $600-800 would be pretty normal. Honestly...
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    G2 GTS and 2" seat brackets?

    Looking at the 2" fixed seat brackets and it looks like $20 worth of materials. (At most) Does anyone have a pattern or dimensions for the baseplates? Bolts/spacers are a non issue; it would just be great to have to bolt hole spacing to make the plates. Any help would be greatly...
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    96 GTS out of Wellborn collection up for auction will set the market

    Sorry to be the voice of reason; but I've actually seen the car. I'm local, he's a great guy with a great collcetion. That said, his particular GTS is not really a spectacular "benchmark car". It's stock and just got a good detailing and great photo shoot for the spread. That's it. It's not...
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    General question about Gen V features

    I've logged several 8-12hr driving stints in the car. It's not like hopping in a 911 or a Corvette; you're much more involved.
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    Two Gen V Reflashes Available

    Hey Bob is there any kind of campaign or number refernece for these updates? Thanks.
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    Need some feedback from Viper GTS Owners

    It's loud enough to be fun. I have driven 10-12hr stints in it. 8hr straight with my wife one time; she doesn't consider it too loud. FWIW.
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    viper seats

    Roadwire or Katzkin may have options available as well. Or can make some to custom spec.
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    Throttle 'hang"

    Mine doesn't hang that I've noticed. But I have the EVAP issue.... Doesn't make me want the reflash... I'll keep the EVAP issue instead; lol...
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    first car wash, etc

    Neat. I had read that somewhere. I think Megs Detailer line also added a no rinse wash as well. I just love ONR for all kinds of things. Wash, clay lube, qd.
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    P0456 Evap System Small Leak

    Thanks a lot. Will look into it.
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    first car wash, etc

    Optimum Products No Rinse (ONR)(blue) and No Rinse wash n wax (green) are also both excellent products. Same process as the Griots; just an alternative product that works really well for a multitude of uses. Brought to you by the same company that does OptiCoat paint coatings...
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    P0456 Evap System Small Leak

    Any updates for a resolution?
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    Throttle 'hang"

    I haven't noticed it. And I hate slow or hanging throttle by wire setups. I do miss having a cable as well.
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    mods to new viper 2014

    I sat in traffic for at least an hour (more) in NYC getting across the GW bridge. No overheating ;)
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    Suspension and brakes. GTS vs TA vs SRT

    Doesnt the press data/product description of the TA specify stiffer/solid bars? Something like 35% stiffer front; 31% stiffer rear. Something along those lines.
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    new viper dealers

    Search by zip code with a large radius. Autotrader Amongst the 3 you can search pretty well.
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    mods to new viper 2014

    So far theres no real need for cooling mods. BBG, ARH & Bellanger offer headers though the car sounds amazing in stock form. Some prefer 3.73 or 4.10 gears; but to me the car is perfect with the stock 3.55 Good luck finding a GenV with Sepia or Red interior; theres still a few out there.
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    Suspension and brakes. GTS vs TA vs SRT

    Just asked my friend that is an SRT product specialist. Hes exceptionally well versed obviously. The 14GTS gets PZero's. Not Corsas.
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    Suspension and brakes. GTS vs TA vs SRT

    Good clarification. I didnt track the changes that hard. I just knew the 14 got the rotors and wheels on the GTS; whereas was a sep option in 13.
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    Suspension and brakes. GTS vs TA vs SRT

    yes. TA has stiffer springs/shock dampening and solid/stiffer bars.

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