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  1. Dale.Volz

    Viper Production Quick List

    Thanks, Jeff. Being one who loves data, I'd love to see production figures for all the special editions built over the years. It would be really cool, although impossible to gather, to find out how many still survive today.
  2. Dale.Volz

    Calling All '05 Commemorative Editions

    You are correct because I certainly don't baby it while driving. I too am surprised by the good mileage. We mostly use the CE for cruises with the Viper Club and other car clubs. Our last trip at the end of September, an overnight affair with the Cobra, Pantera, and Lotus clubs, was 560 miles...
  3. Dale.Volz

    Calling All '05 Commemorative Editions

    18,137 total miles of which 9,418 were added by me over the past 4 years and 10 months. That averages to 1,948.5 miles per year. If you're interested, I have burned 583 gallons of gas at a cost of $1,810. Average overall fuel economy has been 16.1 mpg with a best of 21.1 and worst of 9.9.
  4. Dale.Volz

    Autocross November 9 - UPDATE

    Following is updated information on the autocross Arizona Corvette Enthusiasts (ACE) will be holding at the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving on Saturday November 9. They have invited other sports car clubs & enthusiasts to participate. If anyone is interested please let me know via a...
  5. Dale.Volz

    Porsche 918 Spyder breaks Ring record

    Hybrid power dominates Le Mans, is the standard in F1, and is a component of all the new super cars. I continue to wonder when all the Prius/hybrid haters on this forum will finally cease their snarky comments, acknowledge the benefits of 21st century automotive technology, and join the rest of...
  6. Dale.Volz

    Lee resigned

    Hey! Why are you picking on the Prius? We proud Prius owners don't want any part of him.
  7. Dale.Volz

    Autocross November 9

    The Arizona Corvette Enthusiasts (ACE) has arranged to hold an autocross at the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving on Saturday November 9. They are inviting other sports car clubs & enthusiasts to join in. If anyone is interested please let me know via a post, PM, or email. I'll get...
  8. Dale.Volz

    New owner/member

    Congratulations on getting your Viper. Might I suggest that you adorn it with a Michigan - Go Blue bumper sticker. That's sure to get you noticed around town. Enjoy.
  9. Dale.Volz

    Autocross March 10

    On Sunday March 10, ProAutoSports will be holding an AutoCross event at Firebird International Raceway on the paddock adjacent to the Main Track grandstands. It is free for any members who are registered for race events at the West Track that weekend. For others the cost will be just $20...
  10. Dale.Volz

    SRT Viper Book - Maurice Liang

    To help educate and thrill the masses, suggest that your local library purchase the book. I submitted a recommendation to the Phoenix library and a copy was ordered within 2 days.
  11. Dale.Volz

    Vote in MT Poll: Viper, Vette, or Porsche

    Motor Trend is conducting a poll, asking the question "If you had around $100,000 to spend on a sports car, would you choose the C7 Chevrolet Corvette, SRT Viper, or Porsche 911 Carrera S?" Click here to read the article, cast your vote, post a comment, and/or see the current results.
  12. Dale.Volz

    Having fun with an Enzo

    Sweet. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Dale.Volz

    Willow Springs, Ralph Gilles, New Vipers and Dan Cragin January 5th

    Great to see you back in business, Dan.
  14. Dale.Volz

    Calling All '05 Commemorative Editions

    A beautiful car, IDM. Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of CE ownership. Going to straight side pipes and thereby eliminating the crossover will help cool the cabin. I have hi-flow cats with my Corsa system and don't suffer any obnoxious gas/exhaust fumes. However, beware...
  15. Dale.Volz

    Autocross February 2

    The Arizona Corvette Enthusiasts (ACE) have invited us to participate in their autocross event at Firebird International Raceway on Saturday, February 2, 2013, from sunrise to sunset. Cost is $75 per driver (bring as many vehicles as you'd like). Helmets are required; convertibles are okay...
  16. Dale.Volz

    Supercar Run III

    Only 2 tickets of which I'm aware: a Viper and a Porsche. 79 in a 45 zone, on a blind curve up the Yarnell hill. DPS knew we were coming, but as one of the Lambo owners said, "Those Viper guys will always get you in trouble." A few new videos have been posted on YouTube. Following is a link...
  17. Dale.Volz

    Supercar Run III

    The first video of Supercar Run III held October 27 has been posted. It captures most of the cars exiting the morning staging area in Scottsdale. CLICK HERE to view the video Listed below by video run time are the 12 Vipers and folks I was able to identify: 1:25 Dale &...
  18. Dale.Volz

    *PICS* Petit Le Mans - 2012

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures. Sooooo exciting.
  19. Dale.Volz

    Supercar Run III

    Who's going on Supercar Run III this coming Saturday, 10/27? If you have an open seat and don't mind a vagabond tagging along, please let me know. I have a couple friends who would like to go. If you haven't already seen them, below are links for videos of the 2 previous Supercar runs...
  20. Dale.Volz

    What paperwork came with a 2005 Viper when new?

    Here's a list and some images of what came with my '05 Commemorative Edition. (Click on an image for a larger view) A 19 page "SRT Commemorative Edition" booklet A 48 page "2005 SRT Vehicles Warranty Information" booklet A 257 page "Viper SRT-10 2005 Owner's Manual" The "Maintenance...
  21. Dale.Volz

    Take a Viper to a Corvette club event?

    Sure. We've done cruises, overnight trips, a parade, and shows with Vette clubs. Mostly pleasant, down-to-earth, unpretentious folks who we enjoy spending time with. We've worn our "God made Vipers. . ." shirts just to give them an excuse for some smack-back talk. Besides, we failed as...
  22. Dale.Volz

    Vipers and Girls...

    My daughter made an interesting comment last week: She prefers our Cobra AC to the Viper "because it's so much sexier."
  23. Dale.Volz

    VCA Shirts & Hats

    I share your frustration LoneRanger. I want/need shirts, Ts, and stickers with Pete or Fang, but I find almost nothing.
  24. Dale.Volz

    September 9th Condor Run

    Sounds like a wonderful cruise. I'm jealous. The Arizona club should plan a run though our beautiful condor country - perhaps as a fundraiser in support of the reintroduction program. Have a great time and give the condors a wave for me.

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