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    Car just came back from AC Performance....

    Todd is an amazing tuner and knows these cars VERY well! I saw your car in the shop a few times as they were rebilding my differential and installing penskes. Love the car...I need your splitter!
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    Carbon Spoiler Build Thread

    My aero wing is glued on with windshield glue. I told the body shop that I wanted it permanently glued on but they said the windshield glue would be plenty strong and it would be removable if I ever wanted it off. My car has seen 170mph+ since the wing was added and to my surprise it's still on...
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    Someone please make this for 2006-2010

    He is also making spoilers for the convertible similar to the Hennessey wing. The quality is better than Hennessey. I think Hennessey has a blind person cutting the spoilers out of the molds. It took my body shop hours to make the spoiler fit. I have pictures to show this. Steve's new coupe wing...
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    Someone please make this for 2006-2010

    I've seen the progress and making of this piece and it looks like it is going to be a great addition to the rear of the coupe!
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    Rebuild cost on Gen-3 motor

    Talk to Todd at A&C performance. Their shop has nothing but good reviews and they have done everything on my car including the supercharger. I've seen basic engine builds to monster engine builds come from his shop and the prices are very reasonable and the customer service is great! Edit: I...
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    Video of my car

    Ah nice, where do you live? I'm down in San Diego and go up to the shop often. Todd supercharged my 04 and has done all the work to it so far. I'm just running split second and inline pumps along with a sct tuner. It got me to 675rwhp on I think a 5 or 6lb pulley, I can't remember. It's tuned...
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    Video of my car

    Makes me wish I had a coupe! The wrap looks great! Are you sending it to RSI for them to add the pulley and have it retuned?
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    Spoiler for 2005 Vert

    I ended up using a hennessey aero wing. The quality of it was terrible and took a lot of shaving the edge the rests on the trunk to actually get it to fit correctly and not like a body panel of a civic with a body kit. It came out nice, I wish the blind person at hennessey wouldn't have been...
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    Gen 3 Supercharger Xmas Specials By A&C Performance

    Todd installed my supercharger on my 2004 and it's putting down 675rwhp. 44k miles of very hard driving and still going. They are an awesome shop and I cannot say enough good things about the customer service and quality of work coming out of their shop! This price is unbelievable and if you...
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    Looking for some used KW coilovers

    Paul, I would love to take you up on that offer! We me when I put on the toy drive in December and your brought all the big stuffed animals. Thanks again for those, the kids loved them! Let me know a time that works beat for you. Thanks, Kevin
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    Looking for some used KW coilovers

    I'm wondering if anyone has some used Kw's. I'm going to be buying a set of MCS coilovers soon but if someone has a used set and can save me some money I would appreciate it. Thank you!
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    Great Customer Service!

    I just wanted to thank you, Will, for the great customer service and getting the gen 3, 3" inlet exhaust tips out to me fast. I called him on his cell phone and he answered right away. I know it was one of the smaller purchases from your shop but the customer service was great and the exhaust...
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    Car value???

    I don't think I would trust a gen4 for $40k...something would have to be wrong! That being said I would think mid to high 30's for your car.
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    Window Regulator -GEN 3/4 Archilles Heel

    Peter could you clear your PM's? I have a question for you! Thanks!
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    Springs and caps on 345/35/18 drag radials?

    With a stiffer setup from coil overs you would probably be fine. I have the same tires with caps and I have rubbed only one time with two people in the car and some nasty dips in the freeway. The stock suspension is just terrible. I will be getting some coilovers soon.
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    13" wide for 18" wheel drag radials?

    I have the ET streets and after a month there is about 50% left...I beat on my car pretty bad though :)
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    Viper Crash in Prince George (Unfit for the road citation)

    After looking at other images the acr above the line is the correct badgings and the X would be next to the on the top. The lower one probably says final edition. This looks like a regular acr. Edit: And I dont see a roll cage.
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    Viper Crash in Prince George (Unfit for the road citation)

    Hmm...maybe the tires were bald or not DOT legal? That is all I can think of that would make that vehicle unfit for the road.
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    Repairing Front End Damage on SRT10 Viper

    I recently ordered a hood from Scharf and they were great to deal with! can't say enough good things about their customer service and quality of parts!
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    ACR convertible project

    Hey is the splitter I ordered coming?
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    Viper, gtr, and supra photoshoot

    They are OZ wheels and you can get them on tire rack. They have a sale on the silver set right now but also make them in black.
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    The wait is finally almost over...

    So sick. Now just put a 2008 hood on it and really set it off!
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    Automatic car washes and the hood scoop?

    I would just get under the car with a pressure washer. Less to worry about and probably would work better.
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    Crazy popping or back firing from the exhaust

    I know what the kids mean! I bought mine stock and it was really quiet so I put the mopar (borla) exhaust on it and it was still quiet. I took the cats off and it sounded pretty good. Then I got m&m headers and the sound stayed the same...not happy. Now it's time to fab up my own exhaust that...
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    Goodbye Gen 3... Hello Roe S/C Gen 2!!

    I can't see your pictures but I can't say enough good things about Todd at A&C. He definitely knows how to tune cars and got my supercharged gen 3 to 685rwhp.

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