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    RT/10 Trunk floor

    I have a 1998 RT/10. The trunk does not have any type flooring in it. Just open to the spare tire. Just wondering if something is missing? Sure looks like there should be a floor to protect contents placed in the trunk. Tks.
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    What is best car cover?

    I just ordered a new Seal Cover car cover. Those have good reviews from what I saw. I’ll let everyone know about it after it comes in.
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    What is best car cover?

    Who makes the best car cover for the viper? What have you got and are you happy with it? I’ve got a cheap one now and when I take it off there is always dust on the car and water marks from drips from the ceiling. Looking for a better cover.
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    How do you unlock the door w/o a fob?

    I just bought a 1998 RT10 and was wondering how do you open a locked door if you misplaced the fob?
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    Looking for local Viper owners

    I live about 2 hours out of Houston and just bought a 98 RT10. It has an old unaddressed Recall. What is the best Houston area Dodge dealership to take it to?
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    A/C fan velocity

    I have a 1998 RT/10. Velocity of air coming out of upper vents is not what I’d like. Nothing compared to newer vehicles. Is it possible to change that fan motor to something better? Also, there is a good bit of air coming out both lower round holes at all times. Those holes are just open with...
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    Shifter knob

    I just bought a 98 RT10 and would like to change that original black shift **** to some type round ****? I don’t care about changing to a short throw, just changing the ****. How do I remove that ********* 18 wheeler looking ****? What replacement knobs are available? A round aluminum **** would...

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