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    Proud Enthusiast, former venom member

    Seriously? :rolleyes:
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    Its worth saving, help john help you

    Is it not odd to all the participants in this thread that there are no posts from anyone with first hand knowledge of the historical and present facts being debated? On one side there seems to be a lack of interest in divulging information and on the other, well, most are silent a) due to their...
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    Ran my viper out of gas

    Sorry Rob, I was referring to using 6th gear after the speed run, to the gas station.
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    Ran my viper out of gas

    Might have done better if the car was in 6th rather than 5th.
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    Viper car insurance prices

    Motor Vehicle Program Quote Request Form Schedule of Motorized Vehicles Please enter your vehicle information. To add more vehicles, select the "Click here" link. Once you have completed your schedule of vehicles, select "Next" Please enter ALL of your motor...
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    Viper car insurance prices

    Minimum of three cars so with only two, I'm not a candidate.
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    Viper car insurance prices

    Thanks for the response pdub. Based on the language you posted, I guess it comes down to the working definition of "limited pleasure use". I wonder if I driving 6,000 miles a year completely for "pleasure" would be acceptable. Probably should apply on-line noting my honest intent and see how...
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    Viper car insurance prices

    Is the "no mileage restriction" true? Whenever I've spoken with them, there's always a restriction. Has there been a change? I've got a very low premium with Geico, but Grundy would still be less.
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    Free Jon B

    With reference to Jon B, his only fault was his persistence of business via this forum. At the time when this became problematic, I was site moderator and a member of the "vaunted :rolleyes:" website committee as well as president of the NY/CT Region. Among that small group, I was one of two...
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    Where does the VCA go from here (Positive Thread)!!!

    Been SO long since I've taken any interest over here. I had become so terribly disgusted with the behavior of so many that I was fearful my continued involvement would cause me to reek of their stench by any association. Far too much history for me (as a leader and moderator). Regardless, I...
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    high flow cats on a gen 4.

    Sorry CC. Missed the response. Didn't mean any intrigue. It's not any particular secret, but I'm not a mechanic. And Chuck's "tweaks" are never mine to publicize. By all means give him a call and he can explain or do the minor work for you. 914 763.3136 :headbang:
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    high flow cats on a gen 4.

    I'm suprised to see such a gain on a Gen 4 just from a set of HF cats. But I certainly don't mind the claim. I have Roe's HF cats on my gen 4 with all else exhaust completely stock and due to an installation tweak, have never thrown a code. Suggest you call Chuck Tator to learn the "tweak"...
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    Do not call chuck tator

    Do Not Call Chuck Tator! Cause he's just about to begin his 24 hour pub crawl! You see .... It's his birthday tomorrow, Saturday, February 2nd. :2tu::spin::birthday: Congrats Mr. Wizard!
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    Tires and aging

    That made me laugh. You could just as well have been describing me! :rolaugh:
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    Discount for NY/CT/NJ "Dream Car Trial/Sprint"

    I know a lot of folks have given this a try as a means to test drive a Ferrari or Lambo. For $99 it may make more sense to some. Thought I'd pass it along. I've got absolutely no connection to this group so this is not an advertisement or recommendation. I'd post it in the NY/CT Region, but...
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    Speed Channel (Test drive 2013 SRT Viper)

    I noticed that for a brief pan during the track portion. They have that new feature (it's race / 1/4 mile multifunction from what I understand) on the Jeep SRT too. I gather it's an enticing marketing upgrade. I can certainly understand the benefits if, after your track session you could...
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    Speed Channel (Test drive 2013 SRT Viper)

    Have to agree with the previous. First half of the show was very entertaining. Someone mentioned car porn ... exactly. Though it was obviously all staged, still a great watch. Once they went to the navigation/communication tech second half of the show, I was seriously brought to laughter...
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    Battery dies on Gen 4, recommendations?

    I garage my car with a similar situation. But I generally can't go more than 3 weeks without taking it out for a drive, regardless of the season. The few times (after significant snowfall or snow on several consecutive weekends) when I left it for more than 4 weeks, it started up without too...
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    Nicest License Plate Frame?

    Are you sure you didn't draw their ire due to the added "indentation" between the "8" and the "3"? :D I ask only because some time ago one of my clubmates snuck a letter "I" between the C and T of my CTYSNAKE license plate (we're only allowed 8 letters). Got pulled over and had to listen to a...
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    Nicest License Plate Frame?

    This is an important point when you're considering a frame. You really don't want a "frame" but rather a "cover". There's VERY little room above and below the plate for the typical height/width of a frame. The MGW (which is superb) and likely some others, essentially cover the plate and most...
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    Has anybody tried the Corvette splash shields

    Not sure what Jon B is selling, but Dan at Viper Specialty has both front and rear sets for a Viper.
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    'Corvettes on the Gulf' Meet an ACR Voodoo

    I'm on the same page with Jon (so I guess it's not just you ... maybe just the two of us ;)). IMO, there's a line between enjoying an incredible motorcar and taking such pride that you disparage the choices of other car enthusiasts. We didn't create/design/manufacture the Viper. We are just...
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    Hey Viper John

    He posted yesterday. Probably didn't see the post.
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    Snake eyes headlight covers

    No question they look fierce! I'd certainly consider it, BUT, why would you sacrifice your night vision. It's not relevant whether there's only a 35% (or even 5%) loss of lumens resulting from the vinyl. What a significant (potentially dangerous) trade off. :omg: Maybe if you never drive at...

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