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    What is the average cost to replace a window regulator on a 1996 GTS?

    If you google Gen2 window regulator change, several links pop up. I will say one thing I did different is I did not remove the window, I just took the regulator out from under it and GENTLY lowered it to the bottom of the door once the regulator was out.
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    What is the average cost to replace a window regulator on a 1996 GTS?

    A bit late for you, but... I got mine done by window motor world out of Florida. I sent them mine and they rebuilt it for about $170 and did it in one day. I believe they have a lifetime warrenty. It looks like they only have their service for Gen1 and Gen2. I just did a google search for how to...
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    Viper play-day at Virginia Motorsports Park

    September 21-22 is Mopar Madness at the Virginia Motorsports Park near Richmond Virginia. This is a NHRA track and Sunday will feature a "Viper shootout". All the details can be read on the Virginia/Maryland forum but in a nutshell... Saturday and Sunday will have car shows and drag racing...
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    Viper Shootout at Mopar Madness 2013

    Mopar Madness is September 21-22 at the Virginia Motorsports Park near Richmond Virginia. This year, in recognition of the return of the Viper, Sunday will feature a Viper shootout. Vipers will compete on the Drag strip and autocross and combine their points from both events to crown an overall...
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    7'th annual Historic Virginia spring cruise

    This event will go on as planned! It appears the rain will be moving out of the area early in the morning. We may run into some wet conditions when we meet in Chesapeake to cruise to Yorktown, but the time we pull out of Yorktown at noon, the sun should be peeking out.
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    7'th annual Historic Virginia spring cruise

    This year the Virginia Spring cruise will be on Saturday April 20 at 9 AM beginning in Chesapeake Va. This year I have decided to change it up a little and in the spirit of SRT, invite our Mopar bretheren. Thus the new title: "Historic Virginia spring Viper and Mopar Muscle Rally". In past years...
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    Mobil1 on sale

    I got some 0W-40 today for my SRT8 300. Their web site said that was the in store price too but they wouldn't honor it. I had to log on their computer, order it from their store, and turned around and picked it up off their shelf. Then they honored the $4.99 price.. Kind of silly but it must...
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    Request for VA Beach area members! (Car check-out)

    Kevan, it was no problem at all. It gave me an excuse to drive the Viper somewhere. I do try and do a complete check-out for folks so there are no surprises. (although not as deep as you indicate! lol). I hope he likes the car.
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    VOI Live Ustream

    I'll be at Cracker Barrel! I've driven to South Hill, Va and am at the Holiday Inn by the I-85 intersection with Rt58. Tomorrow we are meeting the NC gang at Mebane NC At 10AM and then on to Cracker Barrel.
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    check put this Viper tube...

    Wow! $78,000 repair job. The car was taken all the way down. Amazing.
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    Another VOI 12 Thread

    I plan to hook up with you guys at the Sheetz. Anyone coming down the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel from Deleware and the Eastern Shore who will be traveling 13 to 64 to 58 to 85 South... let me know and we can meet up as you pass through Norfolk/Va Beach. I'll be leaving the Hampton Roads area...
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    The SRT brand name.... Mean anything to you?

    I didn't give the "SRT" branding any thought or credit until I purchased my 300 SRT. I went from a 300C to the 300SRT and I noticed a whole lot more attention was received SOLEY because of the SRT emblem on the trunk. I overheard people calling the car an "SRT"... not a 300. I've gone to cars...
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    Boone/Blowing Rock area members?

    Are there any Carolina members near Boone, Blowing Rock, or Beech Mountain? My daughter is going to Appalachian State and we are headed up that way from the VOI to visit her. If anyone is around maybe we could meet up somewhere.
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    Bikini car wash

    Your car is their profile picture on their Facebook page. "Dog days of summer at Twin Peaks".
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    Tail of the Dragon.... my take

    The Dragon is on my "to do" list. I've done the autumn cruise in the mountains with the Va/Md club and that was a blast.
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    Non Viper things to do in Charlotte

    I intend to tour the Hendrix race facility. Its pretty much right across the street. About a month ago I toured the Childress race shops and had a behind the scenes guided tour and lunch with Richard Childress. We also toured his vineyards. That is a nice tour but it's about 45 minutes north of...
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    Hotel Reservations

    I don't see where you guys booked us any track time at that nice dirt track between the speedway and drag strip. lol
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    Registration is now open!

    Registered Friday and got the Embassy Suite room booked today!
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    Another VOI 12 Thread

    I signed up and also in the main hotel for four nights.
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    Registration is now open!

    All signed up!!!!
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    Gen V images leaked

    The forums for the Forza 4 video game says these images are from the game. They show examples of how the backgrounds and tire smoke are the same as in the game. However, they believe the game may have done an early leak on the images they were given by Chrysler.
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    Dodge better bring the rain!

    I had to laugh when I read your numbers because it reminded me of a conversation I had last week with a 03 cobra owner who went off when I told him the 1/4 mile times were the same for his Cobra and my 300 SRT8. (stock numbers of course). He went away cursing about no friggin way and me being a...
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    Dodge better bring the rain!

    I'd be very surprised if anyone is able to purchase that Mustang for anywhere within $10,000 of the $54,999 price. All the $110K Corvette ZR1's owners I talked to in this area paid close to $140. The dealers know what they will be having sit on their lot and they know they can mark them up with...
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    Steering wheel fix

    It must be the leather dye is just wearing off. I have over 80K miles on mine and it looks similar. The steering wheel is the only place it is happening though, the seats still look good.

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