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    "Alarm set"

    Thanks for your replies...... Do not have a secondary alarm on top......all original. The "alarm set" do not flash at all, just lights up on the dash and goes away again after a while......usually comes up during my drive without me doing anything at all, but then yesterday it lighted right up...
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    "Alarm set"

    I have a ”problem” with my 1992 Viper…… It starts and run perfect, but then during driving I get the reading on the dash “Alarm set”….it does not affect the car or anything and after 5-10-20 minutes it disappear again…..sometimes this reading comes up 2-3 times on a 1 hour trip….. Can get it...
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    How were the new magazines

    Hi, just received the magazines in my mailbox......thanks :2tu:
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    How were the new magazines

    Has anyone overseas received the magazines………? Nothing received in Denmark yet ! Hope they be here soon....:dunno:
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    12 Volt Battery Powered Dodge Viper for $249

    Hi I am a guy from Denmark and I need one of these Kid Trax dodge viper for my soon. (Having a Viper my self I need one for my son to) Can anyone help me, can not find one on the internet..... Need some one that can buy it for me, and ship it to a US adress. please contact...

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