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    CAlling Vipair...or Steve Prescott

    Another out of the country customer getting screwed. I hate that you didn't see all the issues with this vendor before placing your order and paying, but even people in the USA can't get parts they paid for. Unfortunately, you're probably completely screwed, but I wish you the best of luck.
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    Has anyone else ordered the BC coilovers from Will at RSI in the past 6 months?

    I'm pretty sure I need to replace one of my factory shocks anyway and would prefer to get a set of these that is set-up for the Viper (correct spring rates, valving, etc), but considering the issues with RSI (and that he hasn't even responded), it looks like I may just have to order them from...
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    Coupe or Vert - Any track restrictions?

    No cats and getting rid of the crossover makes a huge difference. Another major difference maker in a vert (or a coupe with the windows down) is getting a 2008+ hood. The vents in the 2003-2006 hoods end up blowing the heat from under the hood back at the windshield. That heat then wraps...
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    Member Badges and Next Magazine

    So Lee was responsible in 2012 for the filing due 3/31/13, which makes a lot of sense considering he was worthless. If Dan was responsible since 4/1/13 for the filing due 3/31/14, that's still over a year ago. I realize a lot has happened since then and I'm not trying to cast stones at Dan...
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    Member Badges and Next Magazine

    I did not realize this when I made my post above, but just read it elsewhere. I didn't realize than Dan was the treasurer in 2013. If that was the case, then the complete disarray of the books hits pretty close to a current leader. Is the info about Dan's 2013 position correct? I was just...
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    Member Badges and Next Magazine

    So without placing blame on the majority of the past officers and the current people in office (we all know it was a few key people who are supposedly completely gone), what you're saying is that the things the "rabble rousers" were complaining about were true. I commend you on working to sort...
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    Coupe or Vert - Any track restrictions?

    Just about every track day organization I know requires real rollover protection in a vert, and the Viper's fake hoops don't cut it. Even if you were allowed without a roll bar, I wouldn't want to. I put an Autoform roll bar in my Gen III for track days. You mentioned "racing", but I'm...
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    VOI 13 COTA - Track plans

    I'm not saying the layout isn't better than what I've heard of previous VOI's. Just that a 20 min session is way to short to really "get in a groove" on a new track once you take out the warm-up and cool-down laps. Plus, the Viper (mine anyway) isn't for w2w racing. It does get trailered to...
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    VOI 13 COTA - Track plans

    Actually I've got hundreds of track days and years of w2w racing. Depending on the group I did regular track days with, sessions were from 30 mins to 1 hour each. Chin was usually 50, 45, 45, 45, 60 per day. Depending on the size of the track and tires you're running (I'll use Road Atlanta as...
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    VOI 13 COTA - Track plans

    I'm assuming that's 3 sessions of 45-55 minutes each, and not 3 sessions for a total of 45-55 minutes for the whole day? Just reads a little confusing.
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    SRT leaves Le Mans to "focus" on North American racing program

    Won't comment on everything, but the cost to race the Viper will not go down by using the hellcat engine. For one, the engine in the race car is only a small portion of the cost of the car, plus they would have to develop a whole new race engine. Superchargers and road racing (especially long...
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    Accufab 70mm Throttle buy or not to buy.

    I know a lot of the aftermarket offerings for the Gen III seem to have throttle hang issues. Not sure on the Gen II.
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    Noticed VPA prices have gone up?

    VCA discounts have essentially gone away or gotten considerably smaller as well. I would assume it has something to do with the $50k repayment to the VCA shown on the 2014 VCA budget. Gotta bring in some more money now to pay back the loan, that then suddenly wasn't a loan, but is a loan again now.
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    M&M header vs Billy boat headers

    I've had the M&M's on my car for a few years now and love them. I have to say the main thing that sold me on them was Matt himself. I was having the engine rebuilt under warranty and when the engine came back Arrow, the shop noticed the stock manifolds were cracked (VERY common, at least on...
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    Lowering Springs vs Coil Overs

    The BC coilovers worry me because they say they fit '96-'08 Vipers, which doesn't make any sense.
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    Delays in shipping from VPA

    I have no doubt that Gen IV hoods are getting hard to come-by, and don't blame the VPA for the backorder status at all. However, VPA CAN control this because they should notify the customer immediately that the part is on backorder with possibly no known delivery date. As far the semantics of...
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    Delays in shipping from VPA

    Really Dan? The guy asks a legitimate question about a part he purchased 3-4 months ago, and you talk down to him like he did something wrong by starting this thread? It IS NOT the customer's responsibility to track down the seller (which seems it's been hard to do lately anyway) to find out...
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    Magazines Shipped

    Nsane, no need for me to be terse. Just calling a spade a spade. 1. Calling out an outright lie. 2&3. Pointing out one hell of an elitist, condescending attitude from a guy who's own region left him. 4. Calling out another attempt to shift blame which has no truth to it. 5. I...
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    Magazines Shipped

    OK, I'm going to go off on a little tangent here and get called names and accused of starting problems by Paul, but his attitude has pulled me out of staying off these subjects. 1. Never promised 6 magazines? There are a TON of posts (if they haven't been deleted) where this was stated...
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    Car pulling to right during braking

    It could be a number of things, but double-check you have no leaks, re-bleed the brakes THOROUGHLY, have someone watch each caliper and pads while you hit the brakes and make sure all calipers are fully engaging and re-engaging. Also check the rotors for anything on them to make sure they're...
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    Good news on R888 345/30-19's

    Who on earth is running a 315 rear tire on a Viper?
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    Cross reference part for heater core?

    Somebody else may know for sure, but you might just try checking pictures of the parts on some auto parts stores websites. Gen III's share the front hub with a Dakota and it was either my blower motor or resistor that was shared with a Grand Cherokee.
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    Scratched Viper idea and going with a C7 Z06

    If it actually looks like that rendering, I'm going to have to go ahead and bring a lift from the shop to the house garage so I have room for one. I've had Vette's in the past and definitely prefer the exclusivity of the Viper, but that Vette looks down right mean!
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    Rocky Mountain Radar Detectors?

    Read reviews about them on any reputable radar review site. They are 100% JUNK and don't work worth a damn. Stick with the tried and true Escort brands or the V1.
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    Forum Changes

    Definitely like bringing back the "owner" status. I understand the decision and don't have (nor have I ever had) an issue with the regional forums being kept as members areas. I honestly never thought much about it, but could go either way on that topic. Maybe it keeps people form becoming...

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