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    HELP! Gen III fuel pump replacement

    See my comment below My '06 coupe is not getting fuel. Must the fuel tank come out in order to replace the fuel pump? Are there sensors in the fuel system that would prevent the fuel pump from normal operation? Also, the quick connect on the fuel rail for the braided fuel line appears to be...
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    Brake dust problems

    I use only EKG brake pads because of that very reason....I have had almost NO brake dust on my rims with these pads...I always bought the green pads but now I think EKG has replaced them with their red pad.....always worked on my VIPERS.......I mean EBC pads....sorry....
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    Little video of my Twin Turbo Viper..

    [Matt,,,,,,,,,,AWESOME viper and I bet it is easily another 8 second Viper in your collection....... QUOTE=mbccenter;3206659]Here is a short pump gas run at 12-13psi Should be a fun grocery getter :)
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    Question about sales tax when trading Vipers

    I have traded quite a few VIPERS and other cars even for others where no money was exchanged and you never have to pay any sales tax when it is an even trade....that is one of the main reasons I always tried to find deals that were even trades, ha...I love the gen 4 s.....but love the gen 2s as...
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    Viper + Ford GT

    [QU NOT A THING IN THE WORLD WRONG WITH AN 08 VIPER......AWESOME car..... OTE=racer22;3198410]Recently purchased a Ford GT after playing with old muscle cars most of my life. Really enjoying the new muscle car feel and thinking about adding a Viper to the mix. Seems like the Gen 4 is a good...
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    Relaxing in Germany after a short European Vacation.......

    I took my 1955 Bel Air 2 Dr HT Chevy there for 3 years of fun............Europeans loved it.......
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    Gas Milleage

    I dont have a beautiful new gen Viper, but obviously the mileage is less necause of the gear ratio....I feel that the new Viper shoulda stayed with the 3.07 gears....I bet it would be faster in the 1/4 mi and top end and for sure better gas mileage as the old Vipers before alot of...
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    trouble mounting chrome finder grills from the viper store (help)

    That is what I works great....AND my Viper has those on it that the previous owner put on it for car shows and everyone likes the way they look and even other Viper owners when they see them in person....when the hood is up they really look sharp and very nice touch to the Viper so they...
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    96 GTS - having issues closing the hood

    [QUOT Put both hands evenly spaced about 10-12" on each side of the front vent in hood and press down evenly and firmly pushing down hard and it should close right...if it don't, do it again till u get the hang of it, ha......also make sure you know you didn't leave your sunglasses or...
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    Paxton vs small twin turbo kit for street tires?

    WOW......I don't know where that comes from...........I live in Florida too and am on my 4th TWIN TURBO Viper with front Intercoolers and aftermarket TWIN TURBOs and have been in heavy traffic many many times, like 4 of us Vipers sat in stop and go traffic for over 2 hrs this past Saturday in...
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    13" wide for 18" wheel drag radials?

    Isn't there a song about that? Ha. Mommas and Pappas........ but it doesn't rain much here in So Cal. Good Luck, Dan
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    13" wide for 18" wheel drag radials?

    I have that M/T on my TT Viper and have over 3000 mi on them now and they still look new.....of course I have not even done a single burnout or ever even hardly chirped them......Now I do have Unitrex half shafts and drive shaft loop on my Viper but I havnt taken it too the dragstrip in almost...
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    Rotating tires

    Everyone I know only rolls one way, ha.......just kiddin.........surly he don't mean rotating from front to rear? Unless it's like the story I read the other day about a Viper that the guy put the same size tires on the front and rear.....
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    Rotating tires

    Rotate the tires on your Viper? UOTE=redrichard;3171740]Will I have a problem with the Tire Pressure Monitor system when the tires are rotated ? Thanks .
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    Another crash - 2004 SRT10 in Nashville, allegedly by a Salesman

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    Sport Cup Tires in Rain

    I drove my 2009 ACR in the rain when we did the TAIL OF THE DRAGON in 2009 and survived.....and drove back to Florida in and out of rain on the trip home.....scary but again we made it with no problems....too much fun....
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    Scraping the Coast

    When and where to meet?
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    No power after Paxton installation, any ideas?

    sounds to me like a problem with the tune.........the engine management........
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    Mother Of Pearl Viper

    Yes....1FAST400 has one...IT is AWESOME and I believe it is suppose to be the worlds fastest SRT 10 Viper in 1/4 mi....8.50s I think......I would love to own is for sale......bad to the bone......
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    Custom interior and audio build thread! 1998 GTS

    Now would be a good time to put in a rollbar.........a piece of cake at this point.....
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    MBCCENTER refrence check

    Matt is the is odd that I had been thinking about starting a thread about what a great Viper buddy Matt is and what he says he does and he has been of great help to me when I had a technical problem and he went out of his way to assist me and I believe from my experience with Matt...
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    My newest Viper !!Pics!!

    I think a drivers side strip would really set it off to even more killer status......I loved the 2009 ACR I used too have......They are AWESOME Vipers......
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    This 1997 GTS is NOW MINE !!!!!

    The GTS is as purty as they get.......Congradulations to crossing over from Vette, are one of many who have woke up and seen the light as to the beauty of the Viper over the everyday Vettemobils, ha...........OK everyone out there that still have a Vette and Viper........cant I just...
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    Help w/ Fikse FM5 Setup

    That really confuses me about the wet road driving??????? I ran these tires last year on my A.R.T. TWIN TURBO VIPER with our club on the Tail of The Dragon in the rain all day on a Friday and was going any speed I wanted to in the wet curves and Thank God I never lost control and didn't go off...
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    Help w/ Fikse FM5 Setup

    I ONLY run Mickey Thompson ET STREET RADIAL P345/35R18 on the rear of my Vipers.......AWESOME son and his friends run Headsup OUTLAW REAL STREET races, running in the 4s in 1/8th mi with this exact tire and they are limited to it in a 10.5 size 2000 h.p. cars, getting 1.19 60...

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