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    Gen 4 ACR front wheel needed

    Thanks Steve, I will.
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    Gen 4 ACR front wheel needed

    Happy 4th of July weekend! I am looking for one black 5 spoke front wheel for a ACR gen 4. It can have road rash or slightly bent as long as it will roll and hold air. An unfriendly curb trashed mine and I need a temp replacement to move it. I am in Baton Rouge, LA but will ship it in from wherever.
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    Happy New Year All!

    It would be great to see you also. We are in Baton Rouge. Txt or call my cell when ur close if you can spare a few minutes. 225-802-2354 is my cell Thnaks, Bruce
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    The third (Southern) Mid South Viper experience

    2011 Mid South Viper experience Ok everyone we are getting close to the third annual (Southern) Mid South Viper experience. We are kicking off this year in New Orleans (don’t worry we have secure self park garage parking to look after our pride and joy right under our hotel) This is the same...
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    Trailer rental?

    A couple of us are heading to the Fail Foliage run in Arkansas on 10/23 -10/25 from Baton Rouge and are looking for 2 open or closed trailers we can pull our Vipers in. Does anyone know of any trailers we could rent for next weekend in the Baton Rouge Louisiana area?
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    VOI Car Wash?

    are the hoses out all night and early morning?
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    VOI Car Wash?

    I think we should just bring one of those sink adaptors and just run a hose from our bathroom faucet out the window, down 15 stories to the parking lot. If we each bring a 100 foot hose we should be able to make one run!:)
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    VOI Car Wash?

    I am hoping we can sweet talk the hotel management to work something out to have access to H2O.
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    VOI Car Wash?

    Thanks for the good feedback. I do prefer the water wash and rinse myself. (if I can get to the H2O)
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    VOI Car Wash?

    That is a good idea. Will this work with the break dust also?
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    VOI Car Wash?

    This will be my first VOI so I may have missed some obvious things. I have a funny feeling that most of the people bringing their Vipers like to have it clean (ok, most are probably like me and are over obsessed with keeping them spotless) I checked with VOI headquarters and they told me...
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    $600 Nail

    Thanks for all of the feedback guys! I had the new tire put on today and patched the old one to keep as a spare. I found a great shop to replace my tire. If anyone ever needs a repair/replace in Baton Rouge then Jefferson Car Care can help. They had nylon protectors on all of the sections...
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    $600 Nail

    I will patch this one but keep it as a spare. I would be nervous on the track with a patched tire. :( Anyone have any pointers on the type of balance I need to ask for? I did have a hard time finding someone just to mount a tire this size.
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    $600 Nail

    This one hurts! and only after 3000 miles!!
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    Viper techs

    I need one for the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. I had a reference to Lakeshore Dodge in Slidell but their techs no longer work there. I need the oil cooler lines replaced on my 08 because of a slow leak (bad o-ring seal going onto the block) Any ideas?
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    iPod for 2008 w/ factory Nav&Sirus

    I just purchased the kit and the cable and it is a 10 foot cable. The instructions were for other Dodge vehicles but not the viper. Any input from anyone that has done this install would be great.
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    Tire help!

    JonB saved the day. He went out of his way to help me out.
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    Tire help!

    The good news is that the new PS2’s on my Viper are holding up great! I did learn one good lesson, drive straight and slow unless you have warm tires!! The bad news is that my 300 SRT needs two new tires before my next road trip in a couple of weeks and I cannot locate them anywhere. I would...
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    '08 Coupe VS '08 Vert

    it would be a close race! PS where did you get your back toe hook tether?
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    Garage project done (almost) - Pics inside.

    Now that will be Sweet!
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    Great day for Dodge!!!

    Great day for Dodge!!! #1 and #2 at the Daytona 500 and 6 out of the top 10, not bad!
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    ACR going through the bends (video)

    So who has an 08 ACR in Louisiana?
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    first 08 post for MidSouth

    Does the group get together is the BR / Laf area much?

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