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  1. SRT10

    Dodge Viper stereotypes and sayings

    Vettes and Vipers, I love both of them. American performance cars are world class now. The Viper has retired to become a classic while the Vette has expanded to mid-engine performance soon to introduce a 1200hp Zora model. God bless America!
  2. SRT10

    Gen 5 viper value retention after 2017 brand discontinuing

    Cars that sit on a dealers lot are not sold! I don't know what you mean when you say dealers bought them all up. You can't buy a car direct from the factory and cut the middle man. If they were allocated to dealers then they are for sale, not sold.
  3. SRT10

    Gen 5 viper value retention after 2017 brand discontinuing

    I love the new 2017 Ford GT. Gave the Corvettes a spanking at LeMans. But there are many classic American built cars that have far surpassed their value. Here's a nice video on my favorite, the Hemi Cuda
  4. SRT10

    Gen 5 viper value retention after 2017 brand discontinuing

    All the 2017 final editions sold out in days. The Viper 1.28 edition sold out in 40 min! Collectable? You decide!
  5. SRT10

    Just completed my recalls - SRT dealer in Northeast

    I needed to get my recalls done but with the lack of good Viper dealerships here in New Jersey, I knew I would have to go out of state. That's when I found Jeff D'Ambrosio in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. It was a one way ninety minute ride for me but well worth it. I was impressed with the...
  6. SRT10

    Launch control

    Good info about launch Control right here....
  7. SRT10

    Watch Gen V being built video

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but worth a look...:2tu:
  8. SRT10

    Nice Video of 3 GenV in Gumball
  9. SRT10

    Gen v as predicted , price drops!!!!!!!!

    Ditto on that! At the NY Auto show.
  10. SRT10

    ACR Raffle is Live

    The drawing is on December 8th.......Booha!
  11. SRT10

    Just Renewed My Membership

    For the 15th year in a row and I hope that the VCA continues well past the next 15 years! :drive:
  12. SRT10

    Motor Trend selects Best Driver's car for 2015

    Yeah right! Motor Trend says they start planning for this event in early January but can't do a better job at scheduling? The ACR just broke 13 track records and a car magazine doesn't include it. What are they smoking at Motor Trend?
  13. SRT10

    Motor Trend selects Best Driver's car for 2015

    It seems issues with the Z06 are getting to be common, even with Motor Trend, a magazine that favors GM. Back in February of this year MT had a comparison of the Corvette Z06 vs the Nissan GT-R NISMO...
  14. SRT10

    R&T Performance Car of the Year

    How do you have a "Performance Car of the Year" shoot out and pick the car that came in fourth as the Performance car of the Year? It makes no sense.
  15. SRT10

    Viper ACR sets multiple production car track records

    "More track records than any production car in the world" WOW!
  16. SRT10

    software upgrade question

    Could you please tell me how did you get the software in the mail? I've only seen software downloads on the U-connect website .
  17. SRT10

    2016 GT

    Try this link for SRT dealers................ I put your zip in and came up with these two. Look for STRYKER on the right side for the Viper dealerships. Good Luck and congrats!! 4 Brown Daub Dodge Chrysler Jeep 62 miles away 7720 Bath Pike Bath, PA 18014...
  18. SRT10

    ACR Raffle is Live

    Well, I purchased a raffle six pack today..... my fingers will stay crossed until a winner is picked!
  19. SRT10

    ACR shirt request to SRT

    I found a Gen V ACR shirt that I like and I'm going to'on the Dodge Life website under SRT. Men's Dodge Viper ACR T-shirt Item# 11F0R This men's Viper ACR t-shirt is pre-shrunk for a better, softer fit. Specifications: 100% pre-shrunk cotton construction Screened black Viper...
  20. SRT10

    My Fellow was a GOOD run

    Help! The black mamba1 troll is back! :brainless:
  21. SRT10

    And the winner is!!

    DANG!! Only 50 tickets off! I missed it by that much! Oh well better luck next time!
  22. SRT10

    Little white funnel

    Its on page 263 in the owners manual........... NOTE: A funnel is provided (located in the trunk in the spare tire area) to open the flapper door to allow for emergency refueling with a gas can.
  23. SRT10

    Just showed up

    Thanks guys, just got it!
  24. SRT10

    Any Good Viper Dealers in NJ

    Hi, I'm located in central Jersey, Monmouth/Ocean county area. I know Tators in NY is the best but he doesn't do warranty work.

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