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    Vanity Plate Names

    On my '14 Yellow/Black Stripes GTS with CA Black Plate and Yellow characters: APEX PDR = Apex Predator which fits our Vipers precisely!
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    The Air Force Master Blaster vs. the Electric Leaf Blower

    The area behind my garage is an alley that is always dusty. Won't using a AFMB or Leaf Blower stir up the dust on the ground, put it in the air and back on the car? I have been using the Junkman Platinum Puffle and it is slow but sure. Thank you for your thoughts.
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    Gen 5 battery dead within 24 to 48 hours

    I have a Gen V and have never had this issue--both before and after installation of the Arrow PCM. I added a Battery Tender tether to the battery and out the rear of the car so it is plugged in when I am not using it. In my Gen IV, I went through a few Optima Red Top Batteries from the...
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    New Viper Owner - 2014 GTS

    I have the same car but race yellow with black stripes and all of the exterior carbon fiber. The Carbon Fiber really dresses the car up and you will also get functional downforce with the rear deck spoiler and the front corner canards. I also added some great CF bits from wayne at...
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    October 24 2015 Viper Track Experience in Las Vegas--Ride Share?

    There are 2 of us now from the Vegas Strip to the Track. Others welcome.
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    October 24 2015 Viper Track Experience in Las Vegas--Ride Share?

    All: As you know, if you are the original buyer of a Gen V Dodge offers a free Viper Track Day with Viper Track Experience. I know several here have attended, and several more are scheduled to attend, at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. If anyone is interested in sharing a cab or Uber, etc. to...
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    Gen 5 battery dead within 24 to 48 hours

    Check to see that the dimmer by the headlight switch is not turned to "ON" position illuminating the dash. After that, maybe there is an alternator issue.
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    New Viper Owner- Tech Question

    You are doing the right thing by taking it to a Viper Tech. There is some valve train noise in these motors--you usually hear this at idle in neutral. Some burn oil, some do not burn a drop. You must determine if your motor was damaged by the previous owner or effectively damaged by the...
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    2016 Viper ACR and the Nurburgring lap time...

    I suspect that the limitations at the N-Ring will be temporary while they sort out and address any existing safety issues. If they did nothing after a tragic accident (which clearly put them on notice of an issue or issues), then this would not be good for them liability-wise. The benchmark...
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    Changed oil in transmission and diff.

    At 3900 mi. I had the dealer change the oil and filter (3rd change), Tranny and Diff Fluids and flush the Brake and Clutch Fluid with Castrol SRF. I went with factory fills on everything except for the Brake and Clutch to avoid any potential issues with Warranty. The Castrol SRF is of course to...
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    Add my 14 GTS to the Heart attack list.

    Sorry to hear about your engine issues--very strange. My '14 GTS is running great at 3900mi. I check the oil often it does not appear to burn a drop. As to the Warranties: I though Chrysler Maxicare 7 year warranty was the maximum warranty? I have this with a $0 deductible. This is 7...
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    Ralph at MidOhio in his GTS playin with a GT3

    The Gen V ACR is the comparision to the 991 GT3. Let's see how that works out for the ~ $170k Porsche! (GT3 well equipped; RS even more).
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    1st track day in the books, although it was a 2 hoodie day, brrr.

    I have encountered the comments of Vipers spinning and not handling well. In my experience (Gens IV and V), these comments relate to earlier Vipers. Both of my Vipers put the power down very well and are very stable. I think this started with the new Differential in the Gen IVs.
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    "---" off-road PCM

    Mark: What advantages, if any, will the PCM offer for an otherwise stock Gen V running on 91 Octane?
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    Viper vs new Z06

    Porsche 991 TTS....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz $200k!
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    Private Party G5s for sale?

    so the dealer should basically take the trade in at a very high price and then sell it at a much lower price? there would not be too many dealers surviving with such a policy... . Dealers must be in a position to make a profit. when I attempted to trade my gen 4 in against my Gen 5 the dealer...
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    Private Party G5s for sale?

    so the dealer should basically take the trade in at a very high price and then sell it at a much lower price? there would not be too many dealers surviving with such a policy... .
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    Stainless Brake Lines for Gen V?

    Jon B: Can you speak to the issue of Motul 600 vs. Castrol SRF in the Gen V Viper? I always used SRF in my Gen IV because even though it was (much) more expensive, it lasted longer between flushes. I will be adding SS Lines at the first Brake Fluid change. Also, would you add the same fluid...
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    7 YR. Warranty on Viper

    You cannot do what you suggest in your last sentence. If the factory warranty is 4 years, a 7 year Maxicare Warranty provides you only 3 more years, not 7 years from the purchase date of the warranty. The extended warranty runs from the date of purchase of the Viper. I would love to be wrong...
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    Stainless Brake Lines for Gen V?

    Perhaps you misunderstood Dan (a Master of the Viper). Castrol SRF is far superior to the other fluids and is priced accordingly. It does not absorb water to cause a "soft brake pedal" and lasts much longer than Motul, hence fewer changes. Since the Dealer flushes my brakes I do not like to be...
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    7 YR. Warranty on Viper

    This is NOT my personal experience with the Chrysler Maxicare 7 year warranty. The Warranty on my 2008 Gen IV ran concurrently with my factory warranty and expired exactly 7 years from the purchase date. I purchased this warranty more than 1 year after I purchased the car. Perhaps the rules...
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    Stainless Brake Lines for Gen V?

    Yes, Castrol SRF--expensive but generally does not need to be changed as frequently as lesser fluids.
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    2014 bumblebee coming to park city

    We have almost identical cars--you will love it--both to drive it and to just admire its lines! The Y/B and CF really set off the lines of the car.
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    85k for a GTS

    Those interested in buying should be trying to do so now with the excellent prices. Supply of desired color and equipment combinations will dwindle. I checked the combo I purchased and the dealers with the cars are not trying to move the cars at fire-sale prices. I purchased 2 months before the...

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