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    Autoform A-10 Wide Body 2006 Dodge Viper SRT Coupe

    Just wanted to update the Viper Club here on the project car Autoform built. There are now 3 cars done with more in the works. I'm starting this thread primarily to show off the car, design and information regarding the build. I'll try to keep on this thread as much as possible and hopefully...
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    New Jeff Lemke Hardtop pics

    I have one of these tops for sale if anyone is interested. It looks like it may be the one of OP's car. It's black with grey stripes. 231-215-3242 -Tim
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    Dodge Viper SRT-10 ACR Front Splitter FOR SALE Complete with hardware and track ext.

    That's right! She's all boxed up and ready to go to a new home. This splitter is new, however does have some slight scratches from being moved around. These are all on the bottom should be able to be easily fixed with a little bit of buffing. Nothing you can see from the top. If you're...
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    Anyone have a used rear wing for sale? Site is down now but we are working on it!!!! -Tim
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    VPA Announcement

    This is great news and I also agree with the others. The site was spot on and the part numbers really helped with SEO. More often then not a quick google search of a part or part number would lead to the VPA site. Couldn't think of anyone better to acquire the assets. Now do something about...
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    Tire selection for 19 and 20 staggered fitment?

    I'm running 335/30 R20 on mine as soon as my wheels come in. Also going to rock a 295/30 R20 front. Should be pretty mean. There is a Toyo T1R in a 345/25 as well. I ran them and they were good. I'm no help for fronts. I never run a 19" front.
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    Where can I get an OEM radio for an 08?

    I think to OP is looking to stick something in the hole on a trade in. Anyone know if a standard 6 disc changer or single disc will plug right in for him?
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    Surging at low speed (under specific instance)...anyone else have this?

    Out of the 5 Viper's I've had they have all done it to some extreme. My 94RT and 99GTS were by far the worst. From my experience it can be anything from a misfire to bad motor and/or tranny mounts. In my 99GTS it wasn't as bad as the RT. I parked the car over winter and did a long list of...
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    Black 5 spoke wheels and tires for sale with Invos

    Already sold them for asking price. Thanks for the input. I'll probably post some more things up for sale. I'll be sure to PM you the links.
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    Where can I get an OEM radio for an 08?

    What radio are you looking for? There is the RB1 with NAV, the single disc and I think they had the 6 disc for the 08's to. I have a 6 disc you can have however the volume knob is busted off it. Just pay for shipping. Shoot me a PM if you want it. Other places to check Don Scharf in Eagle...
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    New HRE wheels are here!

    Pic on car!!!! Love a 5 spoke! I'll be rocking some HRE's in the near future!
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    2008 ACR KW suspension for sale

    To OP, my intentions were not to beat your price up. My assumption was you were looking for a price point in which to sell them. GL with your sale. -Tim
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    2008 ACR KW suspension for sale

    Yeah I sold a set for $1900 or so shipped with 400 miles on them. There is a guy named Ryan trying to sell a set for $2k for a while. You may get more but you'll be sitting on them.
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    2008 ACR KW suspension for sale

    You're a bit out of the ball park. $2k tops.
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    stabilizer link

    Don Scharf sells low mile used ones for about that as well. Same as gen 3/4. Moog has always been decent from what I know.
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    Any Vipers near Berlin / Szczecin area?

    I sold a Dodge Ram to a guy a Poland, pretty sure it was one of the few if not only dodge product in the entire country. Be safe and enjoy your trip!
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    Black 5 spoke wheels and tires for sale with Invos

    You need them, I have them! I need these out of my garage. Recently powder coated black 5 spoke wheels with Nitto Invos. All in great shape with tpms but no center caps. $3000 plus shipping or $2100 shipped just wheels (lower 48). Email, text or call for pictures. I can't seem to...
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    any used set of 6 spokes wheels or ACR wheels ?

    FYI, sport cups are no longer made. I'd you find them, they are typically only rears, or really really old. GL.
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    any used set of 6 spokes wheels or ACR wheels ?

    I have some stock 5 spokes powder coated Black and some ACR 5 spokes that are black. I also have a set of Nitto Invo's if you wanted tires. I'd be willing to give you some money off for your old wheels but I see you're in Qatar so I don't think shipping would make sense. Shoot me an email and...
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    Looking for wheels and tires, 94

    I may have a set of gen 3/4 5 spokes with like new Nitto Invos. They are powder coated Black recently and look amazing. Going to be pretty high on price being I have a lot into them but they are like new all around. Shoot me a PM if interested.
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    WTB: 03 viper 18/18" wheels and suspension

    Set on eBay right now. About $2200 shipped with tires.
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    Replaced window regulators but now ...

    Maybe you plugged it in backwards?
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    Is anyone running BC Coil Overs?

    They ride decent and are fairly adjustable. Well worth the money. FYI wait until cyber Monday or Black Friday. I picked up a set from amazon last year for $1000 shipped. An awesome company down in FL hooked me up. -Tim
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    VIN check for Viper I may buy

    That's Taylormad's car from the alley. Hit him up there and on FB. I don't know him personally but I was thinking about buying that car. I had a deal that I couldn't pass up on so I went that route. Pretty sure everything is legit in that deal. He bought a Lambo so doesn't want the Viper...

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