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    List for 2+ Mile Space Shuttle Runway Event

    Wow! What an opportunity. Not in my ragtop though. I want to see some 200mph runs (Broom, I'm talking to you)
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    Mouse nest in engine :-(

    That's what happens when you don't drive them.
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    Gen III Convertible to coupe rear body conversion

    I think Jeff Lemke is pretty busy making his Falcon F7 . That said, I have one of his hardtops for my GenIV and it's a very nice piece.
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    replacement shifter rubber boot or try Jon B. at parts rack
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    2.5 or 3" exhaust with stock headers????

    I would like to know as well
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    Quick Jack

    So apx how much in the unit?
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    To Bra or not to Bra

    Clear bra, all the way!
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    Gen 3 Replacement tires

    I find the Super Sports to be garbage, even though everyone thinks they are so great. They have far too narrow of an operating range, temperature wise. They are a "I spun on cold tires and crashed" waiting to happen. I will try the Pirellis next
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    Where is the action?!

    I seems, there isn't much action on the home page regarding new threads and discussion anymore. Is it that the demise of the Viper has brought about general apathy in our members? Or is it some thing else? I notice on the "other" big Viper club homepage, new threads appear daily. Just asking...
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    08 side skirt removal?

    anyone have photos?
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    Important read anyone visiting this site

    Sorry for your loss. Viper people care for one another. May your memory of your mother always be a blessing for you.
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    05 vs 08 viper

    If you want to mod the car, go '05. If no mods intended, go '08.
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    Building a Viper Time Capsule

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    What size Torx for rear battery panel removal?

    I changed mine out as soon as I bought the car. Standard hex bolt is so much easier to use.
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    Exended work from home...what to do with the Viper?

    Leave it with either, preferably the people who would drive it occasionally.
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    Whats your opinion.. should the Viper go mid engine?

    It would be priced out of competition with the 'Vette, it's real sales and spiritual rival.
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    Finally, taking wheels off the easy way

    This seems like an answer to a question nobody has ever asked.
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    2017 Viper Limited Special Editions

    Voodoo II for me please.
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    Boundurant Philosophy

    Driving schools = spa for your automotive soul
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    IMSA-Keating enjoying transition from viper to lm p2 car

    In light of no Viper at Le Mans, " GO BEN GO!!!!!" and "GO FORD GT GO!!!!" USA! USA! USA!:usa:
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    Tires??? Where can I find Pilot Super Sports?

    Toyo R888 are some of the stickiest you'll find, short of an R7
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    Viper to Victory in The Sports Car Classic on Belle Isle

    Woohooooooo!!!!! Great going guys! :2tu::2tu::2tu:
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    Drive line slop/play. Motor mounts or something worse?

    Mark, seriously man, you are a valuable resource and a treasure for this community. Good on you!:2tu:
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    Need Help with the Name of a Specific Part: 2005 Dodge Viper SRT-10 (First Post!)

    I would check with or Jon B. at parts rack.

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