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  1. phangz

    Gen 3 Passenger Side Window Regulator

    Thank you Steve! I contacted Jon B and trying to get an order in now.
  2. phangz

    Gen 3 Passenger Side Window Regulator

    Where can I find a replacement passenger side window regulator for my 2003 Gen 3 Convertible? Thanks.
  3. phangz

    Need Correct Power Steering Hose

    I'm in need of the correct power steering hose for my 2003 Convertible. I purchased the wrong hose ( and the one the one that I need goes from the pump to the cooler. If someone has a part number (or website would be even better), could you please provide...
  4. phangz

    Treating Faded Seats

    I'm sure you will get an answer from one of the experts on this forum. But as for me, I'm having both my seats reupholstered. Just got off the phone with them a few minutes ago as a matter of fact. Attached is a photo of what the end result should look like. Nonetheless, best of luck and I...
  5. phangz

    Bulkhead Sport Hoops

    Does anyone here know of where I can order a cover of a different color for the Bulkhead Sport Hoops for my convertible? Thanks!
  6. phangz

    Where to purchase?

  7. phangz

    Looking for a needle in a haystack - Center Console Instrument Bezel

    Cracked, brittle, and damaged beyond repair. Any pics?
  8. phangz

    Looking for a needle in a haystack - Center Console Instrument Bezel

    Looking for any tips on replacing my center instrument console.
  9. phangz

    Rear Inner Tie Rod Mopar Part # 04763159AC

    Hey thanks Steve. My mechanic found a set on Viper Parts Depot.
  10. phangz

    Rear Inner Tie Rod Mopar Part # 04763159AC

    Good morning all, I'm looking to replace my two rear inner tie rods and haven't had much luck in my searching. They are also referred to as Trailing rear suspension links (Mopar part #04763159AC). If you have any insight as to where I can make a purchase, I would truly appreciate it. The car...
  11. phangz

    K & N

    JonB @ Partsrack
  12. phangz

    Viper Saga...part deux

    Sweet ride!
  13. phangz

    Need Rear Tires

    Appreciate that. I just purchased a set of Toyo Proxes R888Rs recently.
  14. phangz

    New Tire source

    I'm in the same boat. Just ordered a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports from Tire Rack showing in stock on the site, but later received a text stating that the rears were not in production and there would be a 60-90 day possible wait time. The front tires are in stock.
  15. phangz

    Need Rear Tires

    Who is "the tire man"?
  16. phangz

    Need Rear Tires

    Searching for a set of rear Michelins for my 2003 convertible (345/30ZR19). Assistance greatly appreciated.
  17. phangz

    WTB Black Gen 4 Hood

    Searching for a black Gen 4 hood for my Gen 3 Convertible. Please pass on any leads or links of sellers. Many thanks in advance.
  18. phangz

    Total Speaker Upgrade to your Gen 3 Convertible

    I'd like to address specifically those of you who drive a Gen 3 Convertible and if you have performed a complete speaker upgrade. Can you provide make and model of those speakers and also what amplifier (if any) you upgraded to? Thanks!
  19. phangz

    Continental Tires vs Michelins

    I've heard recently on Facebook that some folks are running Continental Tires and getting good reviews. Are any of you using this brand and if so, what set up did you go with?

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