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  1. JGK95

    The Quest for 275 MPH

    Any new updates?
  2. JGK95

    2005 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Not starting after going into dash Part 2

    Just curious, how old is the car's battery? Unexplained anomalies, can usually be attributed to an old battery.
  3. JGK95

    Frame Swap - Removing the Fender Support

    Any pictures or video of your progress? How did it go?
  4. JGK95

    The Quest for 275 MPH

    Gorgeous hot side welds!
  5. JGK95

    Raffle car delivered

    Congrats on the new Ride! Moar pics! Jay K.
  6. JGK95

    The BBC reviews the 2013 Viper

    Thanks for posting the article!
  7. JGK95

    2 Vipers in Chicago (pics)

    Funny seeing Vipers over by the beach golf course. Great pics, btw
  8. JGK95

    Vipers looking for revenge at The Ring Today!!!

    Congrats to Team SRT, Tomball Dodge, Mintgen Motorsports, and all involved!!!! But that ACR-X running a 7:03 is just STUPID FAST!!
  9. JGK95

    Was I wrong ??? Wife issues :)

    Oh, this is the worst-looking pair 'o shoes I ever saw. What, when you buy shoes like those I bet you get a free bowl of soup, huh? Oh Hey Tony A., they look good on you though. :D Name that movie
  10. JGK95

    Future Viper

    Is that the video of the "viper" that looks like a Chris Bangle abomination with the can-am cars front end? That drawing was full of fail!
  11. JGK95

    Future Viper

    Great input, guys! I'm just a passionate Viper enthusiast who agrees with the above. The car should scare the hell outta wimmen and children. More importantly, it's my selfish wish for the product line to become a brand. I mean, "Why not?"
  12. JGK95

    Future Viper

    Yeah, tell that to the guy who just dropped a good chunk of change to go do that. I repect your opinion but it's not practical. Heritage, exclusivity, identity, power and serious torque is everything for us automotive enthusiasts,be it Viper owners, Ford GT or Ferrari owners. One Brand. One...
  13. JGK95

    Future Viper

    Can someone please tell corporate to leave the logo alone? I mean if Ferrari and Porsche can have a logo that stands the test of time, then why can't we? Ralph, please do the right thing and set the record straight. One logo. One brand. One icon. Essentially. We've gone from sneaky pete to...
  14. JGK95

    WARFANG Passed away a few months ago at 36

    My condolences to WARFANG's family. I always enjoyed reading what the guy wrote. RIP WARFANG
  15. JGK95

    Custom paint GTS pulling matching Viper motorcycle on trailer. Whose is it?

    Today that photo above made the pages of Check out the link. Total Wuss Uses Viper To Tow Viper-Powered Motorcycle - Dodge Viper - Jalopnik Good for the owner of both! :D ps. Please take note, that the title of the thread is tongue in cheek.
  16. JGK95

    Wall- St (again) Says Viper Cancelled!

    Thank you Chris M.! ;) Jay K.
  17. JGK95

    Vipers @ the Biltmore! Great time!

    Using 1680 x 1050 resolution... This has to be the greatest photoshop. Ever.
  18. JGK95

    Nads sub 10

    Top Shelf Nadine!! Top Shelf!! Jay K. ps. Who was running with the Henny front clip?
  19. JGK95

    Another Viper victory (with pics)

    Does anybody have an event website link to the event? I'm going to be updating the website where Carl is an installer for CPETurbos. Thanks, Jay K.
  20. JGK95

    New rims, new tires, new brakes, new pics

    Haven't you been payin' attention? He wants to give them Texas style BBQ and their own 12 gauge shotgun! Hell, this clown from California even wants to bring over a cooler of cold ones too! :rolaugh: ps. Nice car, lose the Dodge sticker
  21. JGK95

    New rims, new tires, new brakes, new pics

    It's a beautiful car, but thank goodness for those stickers, otherwise, I wouldn't have known what kind of car it is. . . . . :D Jay K.
  22. JGK95

    my progress

    Anton, Didn't you have that Sweet hood on your GTS from Roger at U.S. Exotics or something? Whatever happened to it? I haven't been on here as of late. Jay K.
  23. JGK95

    An apology to you, the VCA...

    What the guys are sayin' Austin. Add me to the list of well wishers and I look forward to the 'chops when you're ready. Jay K.

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