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    New Colorado Member!

    I hope you didn't purchase that TA that's in your profile picture....
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    Viper gen V prices

    I paid a bit over original MSRP for my 2015 GT. Usually with sports cars and exotics they tend to flat line around the 5-6 year mark and then slight increase. Since these aren't made anymore, I'd bet they'll continue to go up
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    Loose driver's side door panel

    After having the window bosses replaced, I heard some rattling that sounded like a blown speaker. I took it to an audio shop and they confirmed that it was indeed the panel and not the speaker. The only shop I'm aware that works on Vipers is an hour away, and I'm not too impressed with their...
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    WTB: 13-16 Viper SRT or GTS

    Forgot I posted here, bought a 2015 gt
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    What's the difference between a 14 SRT and a 15 GT?

    I'm deep into the purchasing process of a Viper, I'm in a good/bad dilemma on which vehicle to choose though. Both cars have nearly exactly the same amount of miles, both have the CF aero and sidewinder II wheels. The 2015 GT has the 22j quick order package the 2014 is just a standard SRT The...
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    WTB: 13-16 Viper SRT or GTS

    Looking for either a white or red 13-15 viper srt or GTS with CF aero, sidewinder II wheels (or aftermarket), and black interior, preferably. I'm not afraid of miles. I'm located in Dallas, willing to purchase out of state

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