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    Gen 4 ball joint and control arm question

    My noise is not like the video, it’s more muffled sounding when going over a slight bump
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    Gen 4 ball joint and control arm question

    I did bring my 05 Vert to the shop on last Thursday, the ball joints were all OK. Still looking for the noise source in the rear when I hit a bump. Wet weather slowing things down. Bill
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    Gen 4 ball joint and control arm question

    Thanks, I made an appointment with my shop for Thursday, I’ll post what we find
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    Gen 4 ball joint and control arm question

    i’m getting a knocking noise from the rear when hitting any size bump in my 05 Vert. Checked all bolts tight, exhaust tight and not moving, new shocks installed. Can anyone tell me the best way to see if it’s a bad ball joint, I’ve been chasing this noise for a while. Thanks, Bill
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    Aftermarket side pipes

    My side pipes are swiveling up and down when hitting bumps and the turnouts are hitting the black surround material. The retaining bands are smooth stainless so they slip. Would small tack welds on each side of the bands work? Your thoughts on the idea, suggestions? Thanks, Bill
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    2005 exhaust question

    When I bought my2005 Vert seven years ago I was told that the H pipe had been removed and an aftermarket exhaust system installed. my question is how do I identify the installed system? Are different brands stamped or have labels welded on? I have some rattling around in the sidepipe area and...
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    Gen 3 Interior Top of Door Trim Failure

    I would be interested in 2 strips, for my vert. stevensonjr
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    Louisiana viper clubs??

    I have a 2005 silver Vert in Lafayette, there are a few more Vipers in our area.
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    Street tires

    I need some advice on tires. I want to buy the softest best riding tires for my 05 Vert. Tired of being thumped by every crack or tar strip I drive over. I don’t do track days, only an occasional hard run thru the gears. I’m approaching 80 years old and I’d like to soften the ride a bit. I don’t...
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    Have anybody used partsrack to buy 3.55 gears from them?

    Yes, get all the fluids too. I bought the 3:55 and the carrier, spider gears etc. had chunks of metal in the rearend due to over use by the previous owner. Jon found a rebuilt unit and shipped it in 2 days. Good experience with Jon.

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