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    New Battery and now I have no power

    this happened to me once when the battery died in my key fob and after replacement the engine wouldn’t start. I finally slow walked around the car with the key fob pressed and held down and the car horn sounded about five times (never heard that before) and all was good!
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    Transmission needed

    I have a new Gen 2 transmission that has never been in a vehicle. I live in Henderson, Nevada and my email is [email protected] Cell # (702) 378-1745.
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    Has anyone bought or sold on BAT ?

    I sold my ‘97 blue/white on BaT and was very pleased with the experience. Price was right for me and the buyer. Lot of things BaT gets right in the process.
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    rattling noise in neutral

    Regarding the tranny rattle on occasion. Happened with my ‘97 coupe. Read the owners manual which told me this is normal - so not to worry!!
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    1994 viper

    My Viper locked up a while back when I replaced the key fob battery. Out of frustration I held down both the lock and unlock buttons which is the correct way to reset. This time, however I did this while slowly walking around the car. When I reached the front left the horn sounded 4 times which...
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    My 05 need a tranny...Help

    If it fits, I have a new never been in a vehicle, 1997 Viper tranny. Best, [email protected]
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    Transmission Help Please - 1999 RT/10

    If it fits, I have a new never been in a Viper 1997 transmission. Contact me for more info at [email protected] Thanks, Pat
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    The right place to advertise a 96 GTS

    I just sold my 97 GTS on Bring a Trailer for over $42K and was extremely pleased. The fee is $99 and the buyer pays 5% of the bid up to a max of $5K. Pluses are that you can state a reserve and with each higher bid in the final two minutes resets the clock to a new two minutes so there is no...
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    Car Cover

    Don’t know what other Vipers it may fit. Asking $500 for each. One has its own Viper logo carry bag and the other is in its original Mopar shipping box. Both are new. You can reach me directly at [email protected] Thanks, Patrick
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    Please Help: Would love to find my car's original owner

    Hi there, I just sold my ‘97 GTS blue/white stripes and may have some items you might be interested in such as: new transmission never been in a vehicle, Viper logo leather jackets; his and hers with his new and only one signed by Bob Lutz, new Viper logo leather gym bag, new Viper blue leather...
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    2005 SRT-10 For Sale 24k miles 39k or Make Me an Offer

    Beautiful car. I just sold my ‘97 blue/white stripes on Bring a Trailer for $40K+. Costs $99 to list and the way they handle their auctions is the best I’ve ever come across!
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    Car Cover

    I have a new original blue Mopar car cover in its own Viper logo carry bag. Let me know if interested. Thanks. [email protected] I actually have two and were purchased when my ‘97 was new and never used.
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    So which Viper is or will be the most collectable?

    The most collectible Viper is the 1997 Gen 2 blue/white stripes. Also the most recognizable
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    Viper pricing

    My 1997 GTS, blue/white stripes just went on auction at Bring a Trailer. Check it out. Very well maintained and Never raced!
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    Looking to purchase a Viper

    My 1997 GTS blue/white stripes and 31K miles is now on the market. Send for info if interested. Thanks. [email protected]
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    1994 RT/10, might be buying one and needs some tips

    My 1997 GTS blue/white stripes and 31k miles is coming to market. Contact me for information: [email protected]
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    Does anybody know about this GTC

    Save your money and for half this price you can buy my 1997 GTS with only 30,000 miles. In addition, you will be outfitted with a complete Viper garage: spare parts, set of rims and tires, new transmission, car covers, Viper logo leather jackets (his and hers), gym bag, books, banners and more...
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    2000 GTS tire options ?????

    Re the flat spotting. Under each of my tires is a one inch board about two feet square and covered with carpet that I roll my Viper up onto. Magically this prevents flat spotting. The front boards have a two inch high board nailed at the front edge that the front tires roll up next to for the...
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    Launch Edition car cover question ???

    Hi Danny, Both are original Mopar purchased when the car was purchased new. One is new in box and I just discovered has its own Viper logo carry bag. The other was on the car at the dealers so no one would disturb the car before my twin picked it up. When removed, never put on again. Covers are...
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    Launch Edition car cover question ???

    I have two new blue Viper car covers never used. I have a 1997 GTS. I use a grey cover daily. Best, Patrick. prmilbank&

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