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    SRT10 - searching subwoofer disassembling instruction

    are you asking how to disassemble the woofer? or how to get access to the woofer?
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    Gen 3 Interior Top of Door Trim Failure

    I'd be interested in a pair for sure...........Mine are still in place with a little separation...but its only a matter of time
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    2005 viper convertible damaged "for parts"

    Sorry for the late reply. This is the rubber pieces that I am looking for.
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    2005 viper convertible damaged "for parts"

    need the rubber seal that runns a;ong the top of the rear tail lights, if avail. And do you have Viper floor mats.
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    Viper Parts Rack - My impression

    i concur, have dealt with Jon a couple of times, for exhaust and tires. Shipping to Bonita Springs Fl, he was fast and reliable.
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    Aftermarket exhaust question

    I went with the Belanger cat backs, no cross over, stock headers. Purchased from Jon B. Very pleased with the sounds, and very little heat issue in the cabin. As for the sills, I recommend some type of heat deflector.
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    sometimes a sign that you might need a new battery
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    Scratched the car already!

    depends on the color, some match well, others dont. i made the mistake with the color silver.... is too hard to match perfectly and you can tell its been repainted
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    Gen 3 tire alignment

    you must get rid of the run flats....thats why it pulls on every crack or rut on the road. Your discomfort will be resolved
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    trunk lid wont stay up

    Thanks for the replies. Seems like an easy fix and will replace both. Appreciate the post on where to order them too
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    trunk lid wont stay up

    very proud owner of a 2004 srt since new. After all these years of working on my pecks to lift the trunk lid up, I now have an issue of the trunk not staying up when fully opened. And as most of you know, when it comes down, it comes down hard. Is there an adjustment that has come loose that...
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    interior rubber "melting"

    hey Billy, thank you for the advise, looks like i can fix the issue....I am very surprised its that prevalent.....beetles and hyundai yes....just didnt expect it for high end cars incl ferrari's
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    interior rubber "melting"

    yes ^^^^^ exactly as described by Jeff. But its really tacky.. Will it remedy itself once the air temp cools. Anyone have this happen
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    interior rubber "melting"

    sorry guys...was away this weekend. Its the center horn area, where the logo is....not the actual round part of the steering wheel
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    interior rubber "melting"

    2004 vert. Just left from the north to enjoy the winter in florida. When i last stored the car in May, i left the windows part way down. The vehicle is stored in my garage attd to the house and the house is a new build. When i got down there to unviel my bride, i noticed the rubber on the...
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    Help! Need Dash Removal Tips!

    thank you ssammm, i might need this some day.....does this apply to a certain generation or year
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    Build thread for my accident repair.

    i live in mississauga, have a trkg company in milton, and my viper is with me in Fla.......:). Nice work on the car, you certainly did it right
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    recomendations for replacing stock radio in an 06 ??

    i installed and highly recommend for the the price to put in an RB1, easy to do and a perfect fit. i also bought the ipod hookup, works and sounds great. search this forum, RB1
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    Passenger window goes up too far

    i remember with my Gen 3, it was one year old and same thing happened. took it to the dealer and he said the motor was burning hot, like as if it was stuck on the up position. Was covered under warranty so dont know what the exact fix was
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    Mich PS2...very low thread with only 4000mi????

    Dennis, lol, where are the old folks gonna go.....dont you want them off your roads. Thank you Bill for the advise, i dont think its aligment, took them to a tire store guy and he says even wear so not alignment. I think it might be a florida issue. When I went to the tire store, they told me...
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    Mich PS2...very low thread with only 4000mi????

    i agree, very weird, i am the only one who drives the car. the car is parked in sw florida from may to oct in my garage as i summer in the north( i have a muscle car up north). I do not leave the keys out but rather keep them locked up in a i dont get it. has to be an alignment, i...
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    Mich PS2...very low thread with only 4000mi????

    Just wondering if its typical to go through rear tires as often as it seems. I own a 2004 since new and have had basically trouble free driving. After finally getting rid of the crappy run flats, i put on a complete set of ps2. Definately the right move, car felt much better to handle. My...
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    New stereo deck and carbon fiber dash installed

    1st SGT, thanks for the reply
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    New stereo deck and carbon fiber dash installed

    looks great. did you use the Mopar of Viperair Carbon fibre. How is the fit n finish with the pioneer, any cutting, and does it fit well esthetically?

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