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    Anybody have a nice supercharger for a gen 3 they want to part with?
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    2006 Viper with a lifter tick

    thank you both for your messages.
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    Looking for a VCA. Selling my 06 coupe and hoping to find a VCA around same year.
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    2006 viper for sale

    still available? 727-251-9846
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    SRT10 - searching subwoofer disassembling instruction

    I had the same issue with my 2006 and I looked it up on Youtube. Theres a video of a guy removing all the panels and replacing the subwoofer. I followed the video and though quite time consuming it worked out great. Replaced my sub with a Kicker sub and it sounds awesome
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    2006 Viper with a lifter tick

    I bought a 2006 Viper recently and absolutely love it. I drove the car for about 2 months then started hearing what sounds like a lifter tick. I took the car to a mechanic and he said due to the tolerances of the motor he wouldnt worry about it. The noise was still bothering me so I took it to...
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    Engine Ticking

    Changed oil with Mobil 1 5W40. 36000 miles. not sure if i should keep driving it or let it sit until I can find a good mechanic to check it out.
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    Engine Ticking

    I am sure this has been discussed in past threads. I have a 2006 viper, coupe and it sat in garage for about three weeks. I started it up earlier today and started driving and started to hear a ticking sound that sounded like a lifter tick. I went and had oil changed to make sure it had clean...

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