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    What tracks have you driven on

    A few within range of Toronto... Mosport-Grand Prix (home track-45 min) Le Circuit Mont Tremblant (Randy Pobst's favorite in N.A.-7.5 hrs) Road America (~15 hrs) Virginia International (~13 hrs) Calabogie Motorsports Park (4.5 hrs) Watkin's Glen (~5 hrs) Road Atlanta (~17 hrs) Mid-Ohio...
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    My viper was keyed very bad "graphic pictures "

    So sorry Wayne. I can't even imagine how you're both feeling. Just unbelievably sad. I rarely park the car unattended for fear of it being keyed, but sometimes you just can't avoid it. Hope you get it back absolutely perfect.
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    14 SRT Viper TA FOR SALE!

    Great looking white TA, and nice mod list. Still think this original TA version is the best looking, this is perhaps better than new with the tasteful mods, you can't even buy a new one in I think this should be an easy sale for a very strong price to someone wanting a new white TA...
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    Arrow Race Controller - preliminary observatuions.

    I met a fellow from Arrow that worked on your new PCM tune at VIR last summer. He was there custom tuning 3 Comp Coupe race cars at pit wall and highly recommended this new tune to me for track use. Ralph has basically run the tune forever in his white car and also recommended it to me, as did...
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    Arrow Race Controller - preliminary observatuions.

    Hi Bob, Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to any updates as you spend more time with it. I was under the impression that Arrow was heavily (entirely?) responsible for the factory PCM tune, and was the natural choice of tuner for an off road version. Bruce
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    General question about Gen V features

    I don't know what model you are considering buying but I can tell you most of those Motor Trend comments are completely inaccurate based on my street and road course experience with the TA model. Never having owned a Viper before, I was intimidated like Carlos for the first week, and the second...
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    no more viper (no more sports car for me)

    Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately that'll be what a lot of us face with various kinds of injuries over time. Glad you had a long and memorable go of it...and enjoy your new ride!
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    new owner - question about the future of Viper

    I also believe the car has many attributes that make them collectible, but not terribly valuable at this time. Because styling really hasn't changed much over 20 years, I think the most collectible will be the newest and highest performance models, with everything else being collectible, but...
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    Competition blue images!

    I just ate a popsicle that was that exact color...and I liked it :)
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    CAAP: When does it come back online to begin producing 2015s?

    Jack, I can answer that...because members here entertain him by responding to him. The ignore feature works beautifully for me, Bob, except when you keep quoting him in your replies!
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    How to order TA 2.0???

    Bill, Are you saying they are building a TA for 2015 and a TA 2.0? Bruce
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    Good deal on new TA or not?

    I'd suggest driving the ACR a little to enjoy it before giving it to your son. 980 miles in 13 years is just criminal :)
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    Two Gen V Reflashes Available

    This is the second time that you have essentially explained your posting as trolling. From Wikipedia...In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or...
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    Difference between 2013 and 2014 GTS

    Brakes, yes, but not finishers until 2014 where all models got them. The optional Track Package was very desirable on '13 SRT and GTS models as it also gave you the lightweight Sidewinder II wheels and Corsa tires, which in 2014 became individual options on both SRT and GTS, and standard on the TA.
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    Difference between 2013 and 2014 GTS

    All 2014's got the '13 optional "Track Pack" upgraded StopTech brakes, and brake duct finishers installed. Early build problems sorted for '14.
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    Viper ACR concept shown at SEMA

    A rising tide raises all boats...and the tide has been steadily rising :)
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    Anyone else notice the Gen5 trolls have not been around

    With the new ACR looking like a good possibility I had completely forgotten that a new Vette model was coming out.
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    Suspension and brakes. GTS vs TA vs SRT

    You already have them on your Track Pack apparently they aren't any good (or you just don't know how good they are yet :) ). Do they seem inadequate on the race track, or just around town?
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    Suspension and brakes. GTS vs TA vs SRT

    I don't think a damper change alone is the answer as dampers would more control the "rate" of dive as opposed to the springs being responsible for the "amount" of dive. You might find the stiffer springs and matched dampers from a TA more to your liking, and Mark's suggestion of the MCS system...
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    Anyone else notice the Gen5 trolls have not been around

    Using the GT-R as an example of a manufacturer using technology to make a dominating drag, road race and driver's car is not accurate in my experience. One non-track friend owned the first Canadian GT-R in '09 after owning a couple of Ferraris and sold it because of it's poor road manners...he...
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    Anyone else notice the Gen5 trolls have not been around

    I think technology has changed the market completely, and rewritten all the old rules. Each feature you mention as being a possible path to your Viper Holy Grail moves it further away from someone else's. There's usually benefits and compromises involved. SRT knew they couldn't make a Viper...
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    Track Attack #12, TA’s first day at Calabogie Motorsports Park

    Sept 19, 2014 This is one tough track. Built in 2006, it’s set into a highland wilderness in north eastern Ontario, 3 ¼ hrs from my home, and just an hour west of Ottawa, the country’s capital. Popular among the locals for its proximity, its tight layout and 20 technical corners give...
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    Track Attack #11, New tires, best lap time, max g’s, 991 Turbo S…and the big question

    Re: Track Attack #11, New tires, best lap time, max g’s, 991 Turbo S…and the big ques Pathogy, Thanks, and these lapping days are really mostly about car guys more fully appreciating their high performance cars in a legal and controlled manner that's much safer than anything you can do on the...
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    Track Attack #11, New tires, best lap time, max g’s, 991 Turbo S…and the big question

    Re: Track Attack #11, New tires, best lap time, max g’s, 991 Turbo S…and the big ques Thanks guys. The Vette was likely on a cool down lap as I'd never catch him otherwise. He and the ACR-X run in the 1:26 range to my 1:34's. It's actually a tube frame race car with full carbon fiber body...
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    Track Attack #11, New tires, best lap time, max g’s, 991 Turbo S…and the big question

    Sept 3, 2014 – '14 Viper TA at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (Mosport) My last track event was here just two days ago, and the last on the original front Corsa tires. They had worn very well over 10 track days and 14,000 kms (~8000 miles). Today I was on new fronts that were just installed...

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