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  1. MO_Better

    Viper values going up

    By coincidence, Hagerty is doing a viper value webinar on Wed May 12th if you want attend (link below). This is an email I got from my VOA email list (this is put on by Hagerty and on their website so I doubt that you need to be a VOA member to attend)...
  2. MO_Better

    Hesitation at wide open throttle

    I'm with you on it likely being the fuel filter - you possibly picked up some crud from the bottom of the tank when it ran so low. Good Luck! Mark
  3. MO_Better

    Fluids and How many Quarts?

    I would say for the brake fluid, if you are doing a complete flush 2 quarts actually might not be enough. This is because its hard to know when you've gotten to the fresh fluid if the fluids are similar in color (so you have to overdo it, which is unfortunately a bit wasteful). I think I used...
  4. MO_Better

    Low speed overheat, but not at idle

    I once had a race car that had this issue. The problem turned out to be an improperly installed electric fan - it ran BACKWARDS (pushing air back to front). So at a full stop air was moving through the radiator ok, but moving at slow speeds the fan pushing air forward overcame air moving...

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