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    CTC 2013.

    Trying to organize a group to cruise to CTC. Anyone here going? Post up and let's get together!
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    Charlotte Cars & Coffee

    Hi Chuck, Looks like y'all are having a great time up there! Looking forward to seeing you again at the Dragon as well as some new faces from the area maybe??!!. Keep in touch. Ronny
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    Oct. Tn. Trip still on?

    Haven't seen much talk about the trip. Is it still a go? If so, where will y'all be staying? Thanks!!
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    Dinner and LSU!!

    Dinner tomorrow night at our home and LSU on the screen! So far about 20 confirmed. Located in madisonville, LA. Deep South, MID-South members welcome PM me if interested. Rain (likely) or shine.
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    Florida wants to slay the dragon??

    What cabins will everyone be staying in?
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    Buying a Gen IV Viper next weekend, need help!

    I have to agree with the others on the AC. I have a 08 vert in south Louisiana! AC will chill the inside! Not a DD but got caught in rain a few times( almost impossible not to down here), no problems if you use your head!! No fun watching others blow by you on wet interstate though!! Feels...
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    September 14th 911 Memorial Cruise

    Post plenty of pics!!!
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    New VCA member to South Florida

    Nice to meet you and your wife at Dream Cars! Keep in touch. Talk to ya later!
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    Disney car show *Hotel block ends Aug.9 * Coronado Springs Resort FL * Labor Day

    Ready to go! Ill be arriving Tuesday, gonna make a vacation of it!! See y'all there!
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    Florida wants to slay the dragon??

    Great, count me in! Thx!
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    Vipers Slither into the Biltmore Estate - Sept 27-29 - Asheville, NC

    I'm a regular traveler from New Orleans for smoky mountain area events!! LOL!! Ill def. try to make this event, never seen biltmore
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    Florida wants to slay the dragon??

    Heard you FL guys are making a trip to the smokies in Oct. what are your plans and dates? I would love to come "play" with y'all up there. Slayed the dragon about 3 times myself, fun times up there!! Talk soon!
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    Why do viper owners tend to keep miles so low?

    For me the car is like a treat after a long week of work. It's not that I am really worried about the mileage, but more looking forward to the weekend and driving the car!! A daily driver may take that anxious feeling away that I get on Friday afternoon!! BTW, tomorrow is Friday!! :) :) :)...
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    2014 Tail of the Dragon!

    Joel, we all have the fever!! Just keep throwing us some tidbits to hold us over!! LOL!! You know me, what ever days y'all schedule I'll be there a few days early!! Maybe at Buffett's with Stretch waitin on y'all!!! :) :)
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    2014 Tail of the Dragon!

    Great!! Spread the word! Trying to get my Louisiana boys up there this year!!
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    2014 Tail of the Dragon!

    Everyone start planning early to join us at the TOTD event this coming year. Usually weekend after Memorial day weekend. Got some special plans in the works and possibly an extended event!! This thing is becoming a premier event each year that is a must do!! More details will follow as time...
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    Team Venom

    Already registered!! Got a couple from our group going also. Send me your info. We can meet up at Disney! Can't wait!
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    Team Venom

    For all of us that live in the Deep South of Louisiana, we now have a local group of Viper owners that is getting together on a pretty regular basis. We host dinners, photos shoots, cruises, cruise nights, etc. and would like to invite any others looking for a regular local group of Viper...
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    Scraping the Coast

    I'm on north shore if any others from this area want to meetup.. Maybe meet south group in Slidell??
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    Scraping the Coast

    Count me in!! What time do we meet at BB?? May have to leave around 5pm but I'm going!!
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    Viper Tech/mechanic recommendation needed

    I'll check w a buddy of mine down here, he may know someone near there. Will let u know.
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    Tail of the Dragon 2013 and Other AL/TN Events

    Count me in for the fall cruise!
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    Dream Cars Weekend

    Says open show. On the site they show alot of the cars registered and alot of them are newer models. Chargers, vettes, etc.
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    Tail of the Dragon 2013 and Other AL/TN Events

    That's some great shots. That was awesome watching the snakes come out of the "SNAKE PIT" in the morning at the hotel!
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    Tail of the Dragon 2013 and Other AL/TN Events

    This is a pic I ordered last year and had framed for my office. Just an idea of what It looks like with the logo.

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