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    Shelby Viper

    Post up pics!
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    First and last

    Great picture!
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    Most fun car ever?

    I have a '98 R/T coupe and LOVE the car. Needs some work yet though
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    Cars and coffee in south Jersey Dec 28th

    Of course I love the Vipers most but those Series 1s are still really cool cars, its a shame more weren't built and not many people know them. Know what year his is?
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    Raffle car delivered

    That looks like a killer combination!
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    is the 1998 silver GTS a rare color?

    I spoke to an owner of a silver/blue '98 GTS earlier this year and he said there were only 11 or 12 in that combo
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    WOW! Rude Viper Owner

    This past spring my dad and I ran to Autozone to look for a spark plug for my lawnmower, when we pulled in there was a silver/blue '98 GTS in the parking lot. I got out of his car and was admiring the rare color combo and taking a couple pics on my phone when a guy walks up and says to get in...
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    Got To Tour CAAP and Prefix

    I got to go on a tour of the Neon plant in Belvidere during a Neons meet back in '02. We weren't allowed to take any pictures, but man was that cool
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    Pics of your viper with your daily driver

    How about a guy without a Viper posting his DD? Maybe I can dig out one of my scale models to post with it?
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    Followed tonight

    I followed a guy in a Viper one time when I was in high school. Turned out to be a really nice guy, but looking back at that night it could have gone real bad!
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    Encounter with a "Tree-Hugger"...Has this ever happened to you?

    The last Neon R/T I had, I experienced lift-off oversteer a few times. Scared the crap out of me the first time it happened but I was fortunate enough to never wreck it. Granted, the effects would be greatly multiplied in a Viper. I've wanted a Viper for about 21yrs now. Yes, I do still want...
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    Encounter with a "Tree-Hugger"...Has this ever happened to you?

    Don't worry, I have thick skin. I am a married man after all. Funny you mention the Dart, I have a '98 Neon R/T, the current Dart's ancestor. I have heard many horror stories about Vipers getting vandalized and I too would worry sick. One of my favorite suggestions I've read here was to never...
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    Encounter with a "Tree-Hugger"...Has this ever happened to you?

    If I could afford it, I'd buy one today. Like I said, we're still struggling to catch up and get our heads safely above water. All our current income goes right back out to pay bills/mortgage/car payment/childcare/etc. The 4.5yr timeline is when the Edge will be paid off and some of our income...
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    Encounter with a "Tree-Hugger"...Has this ever happened to you?

    I know the Vipers have come WAY down in price. That fact is not lost on me. I've been telling my wife since we bought her Ford Edge about a year and a half ago that as soon as its paid off I'm buying a Viper. I've waited this long, I can wait a few (4.5) more years. We're still hurting from when...
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    Encounter with a "Tree-Hugger"...Has this ever happened to you?

    Guess that makes me a communist too then. I'm jealous of all you guys. I've been dreaming of owning a Viper since I was 10, 21yrs ago. Do I feel entitled? No. Have I ever run my mouth to a guy on the street? No. I became a victim of the economy several years ago (got laid off and couldn't find...
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    Encounter with a "Tree-Hugger"...Has this ever happened to you?

    Unfortunately too many times the people who have the means to afford such nice toys have done so at the expense of someone else. Look at our current congress, or the guy who thought he could buy his way into office last year as perfect examples. The guy in the Civic didn't know you or how you...
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    The Saga of the Dinged Up Dodge

    Have you had any time to work on the exhaust yet? There was a guy who bought a then brand new yellow GTS and took it to Joe Gentile Chrysler when I was working there to have the shop install headers and an open exhaust. At idle in the shop, you couldn't hear each other talking without shouting...
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    The Saga of the Dinged Up Dodge

    This is why I don't even like letting my dogs in my Neon, let alone if I had a Viper
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    The Saga of the Dinged Up Dodge

    I've never worked on a Viper, but have worked on my own cars and know exactly what you mean. Beeswax? Never heard that one before, maybe I'll have to go to Hobby Lobby one day and pick up a block. Do you melt it right on the bolt/nut or melt it to drip there?
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    The Saga of the Dinged Up Dodge

    Paint looks MUCH better!
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    The Saga of the Dinged Up Dodge

    That interior is night and day from what it was! Amazing how much of a difference a (not so) simple cleaning makes
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    The Saga of the Dinged Up Dodge

    Loving the progress you're making. Subscribing!
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    ALL Corvette Owners secretly want to do this!

    That car is hideous. Watching the auction just to see what it goes for
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    Custom interior and audio build thread! 1998 GTS

    That is a really cool shirt!

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