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  1. DeLViper

    1995 Dodge Viper Fuel Pump Relay

    Found a fuel pump relay which matches the original and fits like a glove. Now it’s runs like butter!
  2. DeLViper

    Gen1 Fuel Level Sensor

    Are the sensor and gasket still available? For a 95 RT/10.
  3. DeLViper

    Gen 1 Dash Refinishing

    I did mine in emerald green.
  4. DeLViper

    Arches National Park

    Moab 2016 Car Show had a lot of unique rides come out this year and it was a very successful event. I will be looking forward to next year's car show. While I was at Moab, I've cruised around Arches National Park to get shots of the Viper in the red rock settings.
  5. DeLViper

    Had to take it out :)

    It was about time the viper slither down the road again after sitting in the garage all winter :)
  6. DeLViper

    New Top from Autoform

    Is that in production yet? And how much?
  7. DeLViper

    RT-10 rear window seal replacement

    I've changed mine about two years ago and it's been holding strong: I believe I've used CR Laurence rather than McMasters brand.
  8. DeLViper

    RT10 hardtop market

    Excellent!! I'll give Steve a call! Just a quick question, are they clip ons or bolted? Also, how much is it and does it come painted? Can you post a pic of the spoiler on your Viper?
  9. DeLViper

    RT10 hardtop market

    When will Autoform have the spoiler available, I'm ready to buy!
  10. DeLViper

    New Pics to Share

    Definitely like the third pic :)
  11. DeLViper

    Viper Magazine Binders

    Just received the binder and it looks great, thanks!!
  12. DeLViper

    GEN V Viper picture at VOI 11....

    If they produce what we've seen in SLC, I'll be happy with that...
  13. DeLViper

    Viper Magazine Binders

    Those look great, I'll send you an email. Thanks!
  14. DeLViper

    Viper Magazine Binders

    I'm interested in one of the binders, does it come in black?
  15. DeLViper

    Calgary photo shoot this weekend....,

    Pics looks great, thanks for sharing!
  16. DeLViper

    Viper Magazine

    Same here, Still waiting.......
  17. DeLViper

    Now rendering my 3d Viper Model

    That is BAD AZZ!!
  18. DeLViper

    Razor or 6 spoke

    Go 6 spoke..
  19. DeLViper

    Rear window seal project

    I've used McMaster, the fit was perfect...
  20. DeLViper

    Viper Art

    Can you show some samples of his artwork.....
  21. DeLViper

    GEN II - Replacing the Fascia Panel Retainers with Body Bolts

    Excellent post, definitely deserve to be in the "How to" section!
  22. DeLViper

    Twin Turbo 06 for 49k

    That company is located in Utah, as they handle nothing but salvage vehicles, theft recovery, water damage..etc..
  23. DeLViper

    Upgrading the stock 17" rims???

    Go with the SRT 5 Spokes, the best in my opinion!

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