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  1. Garry Fuller

    Vipers in L.V. or Henderson

    Hi, any clubs or groups here in Vegas or Henderson. Would like to see a few cars and people.
  2. Garry Fuller

    Fan not working

    Steve-Indy helped me solve this problem. While it's not 100% yet. It is working now. Thanks
  3. Garry Fuller

    Hood Gaps

    Mine is about the same. I've done some adjustments to no avail. I've stopped myself from getting out the old fiberglass tools and hacking away. I guess with old age comes Wisdom after all.
  4. Garry Fuller

    2000 GTS Alignment

    I just had mine done at Firestone here in Henderson, Nv. $200.00 and they did a great job. Plus it's guaranteed.
  5. Garry Fuller

    Vanity Plate

    Kind of hard to say what people would think about. Who cares anyway. My plate is HISSSSS.
  6. Garry Fuller

    Wheel Alignment Pricing

    I had Firestone here in Henderson, Nv do mine and they changed me 200.00$, with a warranty.
  7. Garry Fuller

    Fan not working

    My fan will not come on. 10 amp, 50 amp fuses are good, changed both relays. Going to take about 3 weeks to get the sensor switch. Will it hurt anything to run fan direct with a on off switch. Fan works when I jump it out. Thanks
  8. Garry Fuller

    Hood adjustment .

    Thanks everyone. Hood is latched tight. Adjusted light up so it wouldn't look so large. Going to check other adjustment.
  9. Garry Fuller

    Hood adjustment .

    2002 GTS, hood on pass. side has a gap of 1/2 to 5/8 in. where it meets the nose on front side. Dr. side is normal. Is there an adjustment to lower pass side of hood down.